Accessibility Complaint Process

This page outlines the process steps from when an accessibility complaint is submitted to final resolution.

The Accessibility Complaint Process Flow displays the process steps in a flowchart.

Process Steps

Step 1

Individual Reporting Barrier encounters issue, submits via web form, phone, email, or postal mail.

Office or Division Representative receives complaint.

Step 2

If Office or Division Representative received the complaint via web form:

  • Creates a ticket to investigate the issue.

If Office or Division Representative didn't receive the complaint via web form:

  • Enter information into web form and create a ticket to investigate the issue.

Individual Reporting Barrier receives preliminary response.

Step 3

Office or Division Representative will:

  1. Define issue and specify priority level.
  2. Notify necessary campus parties.
  3. Specify Acceptance criteria that all parties agree.
  4. Updates Individual.
  5. Determine possible interim solution if necessary.

Individual Reporting Barrier receives update and coordinates with representative for possible alternative interim solution.

Office or Division Representative works until issue is resolved/concluded, communicates with individual, documents completion date on ticket.

Note: recommended to store documentation related to complaint and resolution in SharePoint Accessibility site.

Individual Reporting Barrier receives final resolution if technology application follow-up was needed.