Accreditation Schedule

Here are some important dates to remember as we prepare for our Accreditation Visit:

The Welcome Reception:

Monday, March 5th, at 8:45 am in AC1-160 (Student Activities Center) near the lobby.

Open Forums:

These forums are for anyone on campus or within the community to have an opportunity to share with the Accreditation Evaluation Team their thoughts about our accreditation at Clovis Community College. Everyone is invited to attend.

  • Tuesday, March 6th, at 2 pm in AC1-150
  • Wednesday, March 7th, at 4 pm in AC1-150

The Exit Report:

Thursday, March 8th at 1 pm in AC1-150. This is when the Team Chair will report out the general findings (accomplishments and challenges) resulting from our Institutional Self Evaluation Report (ISER) and the visit. It is not a time for questions, feedback, or a time for us (as a college community) to engage with the team. Once they are done with the report out, they immediately leave.