Monthly Board Highlights - April 2019

If you were unable to attend the April 2, 2019 Board of Trustees meeting, here are some of the actions that took place.

Prior to the meeting student athletes from Clovis Community College and Fresno City College were acknowledged for their achievements.

The Board heard the following reports and presentations:

Academic Senate Report by:

Karla Kirk

Classified Senate Report by:

Susi Nitzel

FCC Advanced Transportation & Robotics Program
FCC Police & Fire Academies

First read of Board Policies:

  • BP 4010 Academic Calendar
  • BP 6350 Local & Diverse Procurement
  • BP 6700 Civic Center and Other Facilities Use
  • BP 7150 Employee Performance Evaluations
  • BP 7330 Communicable Disease

Adopted the following Board Policies:

  • BP 6150 Designation of Authorized Signatures
  • BP 6200 Budget Preparation
  • BP 6300 Fiscal Management
  • BP 6320 Investments
  • BP 6330 Purchasing
  • BP 7250 Educational Administrators
  • BP 7310 Nepotism

Adopted the following Resolutions:

2019.03 Authorizing Design-Build Procurement Process for the Fresno City College Parking Structure

2019.04 Architectural Contract for Design-Build Bridging Documents to Moreto Mathison & Associates

2019.05 Parking Design Contract for Design-Build Bridging Documents to Parking Design Group

Approved the following:

Academic personnel transactions, as submitted, including a revised start date for Madera Community College Center President Angel Reyna from June 1 to May 20

Classified personnel transactions, as submitted, including the resignations of:

  • Claudette Matz, executive assistant to the chancellor, July 31 (25 yrs.)
  • Cecelia Montoya-Gomez, district senior accountant, April 30 (39 yrs.)
  • Sylvia Sanchez, Fresno City College office specialist, May 16 (46 years)

Spring 2019, summer 2019, fall 2019 and fall 2020 curriculum proposals

Netherlands Faculty Exchange Program in summer 2019

Denmark Study Abroad Program in summer 2019

Clovis Community College student out-of-state travel for Truth Initiative Grant training

Use of $320,000 Reserve Funds by Clovis Community College for soccer field and fencing


The board secretary to cast a ballot for seven candidates in the 2019 California Community College Trustees board election

Approved the following grant agreement recommendations:

Fresno City College has received a new $650,000 agreement from the National Science Foundation to provide 64 annual scholarships over five years to engineering students who have financial need and show academic potential.

Madera Community College Center has received a new $200,000 agreement from Santa Clarita Community College District to provide an introduction of Scale‐Up Guided Pathways at Madera Community College Center and Oakhurst Community College Center and to facilitate the development of the Educational Master Plan and implementation of a transition plan. Clovis Community College has received a new $26,709 agreement from Chabot‐Las Positas Community College District to lead the Central Valley Regional Early Childhood Mentor Program.

The District has received a new $500,000 agreement from the James Irvine Foundation to expand the Central Valley Pre‐Apprenticeship Program.

Fresno City College has received a new $5,000 agreement from the Center Valley Higher Education Consortium for Guided Pathways and student equity.

The report from Closed Session included:

Approving the settlement agreement regarding pending litigation in the matter of City of Fresno, PSI, administered by Risico Claims Management vs. SCCCD et al.

The Plaintiff has agreed to dismiss the case against SCCCD and all of its employees with prejudice, and in exchange, SCCCD has agreed to waive its court costs.

You can read more April 2, 2019 agenda details on our website.