Monthly Board Highlights - February 2020

If you were unable to attend the February 4, 2020 Board of Trustees meeting, here are some of the actions that took place.

The Board heard the following reports and presentations:

Academic Senate Report by:

Jennifer Heyne

Classified Senate Report by:

Caryss Johnson

Self-Evaluation Summary and Goals by:

Trustee Annalisa Perea

Budget Update by:

Vice Chancellor Cheryl Sullivan

Approved the following:

Recognition of the Madera Community College Center Classified Senate

Installation of lockers, flooring, walls and interior finishes in the FCC men’s and women’s Field House locker rooms to be purchased from Foundation for California Community Colleges in the amount of $312,000

Direct Access Electricity Service Through Constellation NewEnergy allowing the District to lock in electric rates and improve budget forecasting for electricity costs

The Reedley College Residence Hall annual rate for 2020-2021 at $3,978 ($1,989 per semester) plus a non-refundable contract fee of $150; and establish the mandatory residence hall meal plan rates at $2,050 ($1,025 per semester) with an optional augmented plan at $2,750 ($1,375 per semester)

The Summer/Fall 2020 Schedule of Instructional Material Fees for Fresno City College, Reedley College, Clovis Community College, and Madera Community College Center

The 2020-2021 tuition rate of $290 for nonresident students

2020-2021 Sabbatical Leaves:
School Name Department Leave
Fresno City College Olena DeKlotz English Fall 2020
Michelle Patton English Fall 2020
Juan Guzman English Spring 2021
Reedley College Amanda Taintor Instructional Designer Fall 2020
Ray Sanchez Student Services/Learning Asst Spring 2021
Nancy Frampton ESL Spring 2021
Gregory Ramirez English Spring 2021
Clovis Community College Antony Abbott Physics Fall 2020
Brian Shamp Chemistry Fall 2020

Out of Country travel for SCCCD Staff and Faculty to UABC in Baja, California to plan a collaboration between the agriculture and culinary arts programs of both institutions for faculty and student development and increased equity

Out of Country travel for interim director of the Center for International Trade Development and Provisional Senior Program Specialist to Guadalajara, Mexico for a Trade Development March 29 -April 3, 2020

Out of Country travel for Coordinator Amanda Taintor to London, UK to present at the OER 20 Conference April 1-2, 2020. Faculty adoption of OER (Open Education Resources) has saved students over 1 million dollars at Reedley College alone.

Travel for Reedley College Student Trustee, Stephen Kodur, to Washington, DC to attend the 2020 Student Advocacy Conference, March 14-17, 2020

Travel to Chicago, Illinois for Fresno City College students to attend the Music Teachers National Association Conference March 21-25, 2020

Travel for Reedley College Women's Equestrian Team to participate in the 2020 Intercollegiate Horse Show Association Western Semi-Finals in Illinois and Championships in New York March 21-22, 2020


Out of Country Travel for SCCCD Staff and Faculty to Kenya and South Africa


Board Policy 4225, Course Repetition
Board Policy 4230, Grading and Academic Record Symbols

2020-2021 Budget Development Calendar

Approved the following grant agreement recommendations:

The District received a $95,401 grant from the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District to purchase five new alternative fuel vehicles for maintenance and operations.

The District Office has received a new $16,542,746 agreement from the City of Fresno. The funding is made available from the Strategic Growth Council through the Transformative Climate Communities Program. The funding will provide resources to enhance the Fresno City College West Fresno satellite campus.

Fresno City College has received a $22,100 renewal grant from the Department of Education for Child Development Training. It will provide services, technical assistance and resources.

Report of Actions Taken in Closed Session:

The Board did not take any action in Closed Session.

You can read more February 4, 2020 Board Meeting agenda details on our website.