Application & Selection Process


Application Requirements / Enrollment Eligibility

The Clovis Community College Occupational Therapy Assistant program accepts applications one time per year. Applications will open in the semester prior to the program start and will be open for a designated period of approximately six weeks. Submission Deadline will be clearly outlined on program fliers, informational materials, and on the college website. Enrollment eligibility is based on completion of general education and pre-requisite coursework and cumulative and pre-requisite GPA. Applications will be reviewed and scored over a 6-week period following the application deadline, after which time students will be notified about program acceptance. Upon selection notification, students will be informed of the program timelines and additional requirements that need to be completed in order to retain their eligibility for the program.
Additional requirements include: Background check, LiveScan fingerprinting clearance, Drug-Screening, Proof of immunizations (MMR, Hepatitis B, T-DAP, Varicella), & current BLS/CPR certification card.

Eligibility to apply:

  • Completion of all general education coursework and completion of all pre-requisite coursework prior to starting the OTA program. (Applicants may apply while in-process of completing coursework; all coursework must be completed, and minimum qualifications met upon beginning the OTA program)
  • Completion of all pre-requisite courses with a grade of C or higher
  • Pre-requisite coursework - GPA of 2.5 or greater
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or greater (all general education & pre-requisite coursework)

Steps to apply:

  1. Apply to Clovis Community College
  2. Attend an OTA information session
  3. Submit official prerequisite transcripts
  4. Talk to a counselor and verify eligibility
  5. Submit application
    Applications will be available Aug 15th through Oct 15th

Download the Application Instructions & checklist.

Any questions can be sent to

Student Selection Process:

All applications will be reviewed by the OTA program application review committee

  • All qualified applicants who meet the minimum qualifications will be placed in a selection pool
  • Seats will be offered to the 25 applicants selected randomly from the pool of qualified applicants.
  • Notifications are sent approximately six weeks after the close of the application period. Students will be notified by email and personal phone** call regarding acceptance.
  • The top 25 students and five alternate students are notified regarding their selected or alternate status and that they must complete additional requirements by the given due date in order to retain their eligibility for the program.

**Please ensure all information is accurate and current for notification of acceptance

Next Steps: Accepted – Now What?

If accepted, students will receive instructions for enrollment eligibility. As the program start approaches, detailed information will be provided about requirements that must be completed prior to OTA program start. Additional Requirements:

  • Background check
  • LiveScan fingerprinting clearance
  • Drug-Screening
  • Proof of immunizations (MMR, Hepatitis B, T-DAP, Varicella)
  • TB test
  • Current BLS/CPR certification card

The cost for the above-noted requirements are the responsibility of the student and are in addition to tuition, textbooks, supplies, fees, etc.. These additional requirements must be completed by date specified prior to the beginning of the spring semester in which the student enters the program (the costs are subject to change). Students may be eligible for financial aid. Contact the Financial Aid office for more information about financial aid eligibility and assistance.

OTA Program Core Coursework

For detailed information about required OTA Program Core coursework please see the following major sheet:
2020-2021 Occupational Therapy Assistant Associate in Science Degree