English and Reading

Seven Reasons to Study English and Reading

  1. Leads to careers in technology, law, business, and teaching.
  2. To acquire tools that will never lose value such as problem solving, communication, and research.
  3. To navigate a world of global English.
  4. To understand the effects of changing media.
  5. To learn how language shapes the world.
  6. To strengthen your empathy.
  7. For the joy and pleasure of reading and writing.

Source: Adapted from Yale’s Why Major in English?

English and Reading at CCC

At Clovis Community College, we offer an Associate in Arts Degree in English for Transfer and an Associate in Arts Degree in English. Our professors are experienced instructors, scholars, and writers of the highest caliber and are dedicated in helping students become better readers, writers, and thinkers .

Program Learning Outcome

Upon completion of the English Program at Clovis Community College, students should be able to read critically and write analytically in a literary context.

A student graduating with an Associate in Arts Degree in English will have successfully completed classes in composition, literature, linguistics, and critical thinking.

Careers for English Majors

  • Teaching at the K-12, Community College, or University level
  • Editor or Translator for Publishers, Periodicals, and Literary Agencies
  • Public Relations, Advertising
  • Public Service work: Non-Profits, NGOs, Federal Government
  • Human Resources Specialist, Technical Writer, Internal Communications, Entertainment
  • A BA in English is considered a rigorous, complementary education for careers in the legal profession

Source: Adapted from Stanford’s Career After an English Major



  • ENGL 1A: Reading and Composition
  • ENGL 1AH: Honors Reading and Composition
  • ENGL 205: Strategic Skills for Success English

Critical Thinking

  • ENGL 3: Critical Reading and Writing
  • ENGL 3H: Honors Critical Reading and Writing


  • ENGL 1B: Introduction to the Study of Literature
  • ENGL 1B: Honors Introduction to the Study of Literature
  • ENGL 41: Themes in Literature
  • ENGL 43A: American Literature: Origins through Reconstruction (1877)
  • ENGL 43B: American Literature: 1877 to Present
  • ENGL 44A: World Literature since the Renaissance
  • ENGL 46A: English Literature to 1800
  • ENGL 46B: English Literature from 1800 to present
  • ENGL 47: Shakespeare
  • ENGL 49: Latino & Chicano Literature

Creative Writing

  • ENGL 15A: Creative Writing: Poetry
  • ENGL 15B: Creative Writing: Fiction
  • ENGL 15E: Creative Writing: Non-Fiction

Interdisciplinary Studies

  • INTDS 251: Academic Literacy
  • INTDS 300: Academic Learning Center

Writing Center

  • ENGL 72: Writing Center Theory and Practice
  • ENGL 72A: Advanced Writing Center Theory and Practice
  • ENGL 272: Assistance in College Writing

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Faculty Contact Information
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Megan Bennett Reading megan.bennett@cloviscollege.edu
Ann Brandon English & Reading ann.brandon@cloviscollege.edu
Jeff Burdick English jeff.burdick@cloviscollege.edu
Galin Dent English & Reading galin.dent@cloviscollege.edu
Cynthia Elliott English cynthia.elliott@cloviscollege.edu
Erik Fritz, Department Chair English erik.fritz@cloviscollege.edu
Cody Hoover English cody.hoover@cloviscollege.edu
Teresa Ishigaki English & Reading teresa.ishigaki@cloviscollege.edu
Jaclyn Rowley English jaclyn.rowley@cloviscollege.edu
Melanie Sanwo English melanie.sanwo@cloviscollege.edu
Jennifer Simonson English & Reading jennifer.simonson@cloviscollege.edu
Von Torres English & Reading von.torres@cloviscollege.edu