Music at Clovis Community College is centered around helping students identify, cultivate, and display their talents. Home to some of the most innovative courses and facilities in the state, our hope is that this is where you will find your true musical self.

From passionate instructors and staff, to creative, motivated students, we are working together to elevate the level of music-making in our community. At Clovis, we offer music appreciation courses that focus on classical, jazz and popular music history, and exciting performing ensembles that will get you singing, drumming, and making music using the latest technology. We are excited about the future of music at Clovis Community College and hope you will join us as we lead the way in creating an environment for a meaningful music education.

One of the greatest gifts of being a musician is giving the gift of music to others. Research is showing that patients suffering from alzheimers and dementia derive great benefits from listening to music.

Our Concert Choir (Music 31) sings for residential care and memory care facilities in the local area, to share the healing power of music with our community. Students say that these performances are the most memorable and meaningful experiences they have in school.

Our newest class, Western and World Percussion (Music 23), is an exciting approach to music making for beginning, intermediate and advanced players. As a fun, social, and culturally aware ensemble, we will be working in the Fall 2017 semester to share the joy of music with others. Drumming ensembles are being developed across the country as an interactive therapy for both physical and mental health.

At Clovis Community College, we are committed to bringing great music to the central valley.

Career options

Audio Engineer:

  • Recording studio and freelance recording
  • Performance venue technician
  • Media director/communications producer

Professional Musician:

  • Composition (Film, Video Game, Choral, Orchestral, Popular Genres like Rock, Hip-Hop and EDM),
  • Performance (sub-categories)

Music Educator:

  • Early Childhood
  • Music Therapy
  • K-12
  • Higher Education


  • (MUS5) Music 5: MIDI Music Production
  • (MUS12) Music 12: Music Appreciation
  • (MUS16) Music 16: Jazz History and Appreciation
  • (MUS23) Music 23: Western and World Percussion
  • (MUS31) Music 31: Concert Choir


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