Philosophy at Clovis Community College seeks to answer life's ultimate questions about knowledge, human nature, and the good life. Courses satisfy GE requirements and prepare students to transfer to humanities and social science programs at Cal States, UCs, and many Private Schools.

Philosophers study big questions about life, morality, and meaning, and they are unafraid of diverse viewpoints. Clovis Community College's full-time faculty hold PhDs in philosophy and have a passion for teaching in an engaging way. Students of philosophy learn to critically engage complex arguments on both sides of an issue, write analytically, and formulate a more coherent philosophy of life. These skills help students succeed in four-year institutions across multiple fields of study, and they prepare them for careers that require analytical thinking. We hope our students become good citizens and life-long learners.


  • Associate of Arts in Philosophy for Transfer (AA-T)

Philosophy Classes at Clovis Community College

  • (PHIL 1) Introduction to Philosophy
  • (PHIL 1C) Ethics
  • (PHIL 1D) World Religions
  • (PHIL 2) Critical Reasoning
  • (PHIL 4) Introduction to Logic
  • (PHIL 6) Symbolic Logic

Career Options

A Degree In Philosophy Can Give You An Advantage If You Pursue a Career In:

  • Law or Law Enforcement (e.g. FBI)
  • Education
  • Philosophy
  • Computer Science
  • Business
  • Public Policy or Policy Think Tank

Want to take a philosophy course or get involved in Philosophy Club? Need more information?

Contact Philosophy Instructors:
Dr. Michael Stannard | 559-325-5213 |
Dr. Chad Bogosian | 559-325-5345 |