Anthropology is the study of Humans. Biological Anthropology focuses on human evolution, our evolutionary ancestors, and modern primate species. Cultural Anthropology focuses on cultures, societies, religions, languages, and political organizations. Archaeology is the study of ancient civilizations and societies.

The Anthropology Department at Clovis Community College is unique because it is growing fast. A new Archaeology class is in the process of being created, and a new Associate of Arts Transfer Degree is being created. There are five Anthropology instructors on campus each with extensive professional and academic experience in the field.

Anthropology is an exciting discipline with many career opportunities. It teaches students to appreciate what it means to be human.

 brushing dirt off an archeological find.


There are currently three classes offered at Clovis Community College:

  • Biological Anthropology
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Archaeology and Prehistory


John McPhee: