The History department at Clovis Community College introduces students to the principles and practices of the discipline of History, focuses on survey courses in United States History, Western Civilization and World Civilizations to build a foundation for students’ personal, academic, and professional endeavors.

Why Study History?

History is the study of human communities; politically, economically, socially, intellectually, and culturally. It examines all facets of the human experience from the rise of civilization to the present. No other discipline covers the range of subjects that are touched upon by history: This is what makes history unique.

Academically, history is a General Education program. Through the study of the past students will develop and expand various analytical and presentation skills. The types of activities a student of history might enjoy include:

  • organizing and presenting information
  • reading and story telling
  • teaching and directing activities
  • working with technology
  • research and analysis


Listed below is a breakdown of career opportunities presented by the American Historical Association:

Historians as Educators

Elementary Schools
Secondary Schools
Postsecondary Education
Historic Sites and Museums

Historians as Researchers

Museums and Historical Organizations
Cultural Resources Management and Historic Preservation
Think Tanks

Historians as Communicators

Writers and Editors
Documentary Editors
Producers of Multimedia Material
Historians as Information Managers
Records Managers
Information Managers

Historians as Advocates

Lawyers and Paralegal's
Litigation Support
Legislative Staff Work

Historians in Businesses and Associations

Historians in Corporations
Contract Historians
Historians and Nonprofit Associations

Individuals interested in history as a profession may find useful information about potential careers on the website of the American Historical Association, the leading professional historical organization in the United States.

Degrees Offered

The Department offers an Associates in Arts degree for Transfer in history. This program is designed to fast track students in to the California State University system as history majors. The course load, including General Education courses is completed in two years.

History majors offer a variety of different career paths. While a two-year degree would be adequate for some entry level positions such as a sales and tour guide, most of the types of careers shown below would require completion of a bachelor’s degree to make the prospective applicant competitive in the job market. Other, more specialized positions such as museum curator, community college and university instructor, archivist and cataloger would require a graduate degree (M.A., Ph. D.)

History Classes

  • History 1: Western Civilization To 1648.
  • History 2: Western Civilization From 1648.
  • History 11: United States History To 1877.
  • History 12: United States History Since 1865.
  • History 20: World Civilizations I, To 1600.
  • History 23: World Civilizations II, From 1500.


For information about the History Associate in Arts-Transfer degree please consult with your college counselor.

For information about the discipline of History please contact:

Dr. Jennifer Hanson: jennifer.heyne@cloviscollege.edu | (559) 325-5329
Dr. Joseph E. Libby (Herndon Campus): joseph.libby@cloviscollege.edu | (559)-324-6407.