Associate in Arts Degree for English 2017-2018

(Major #C.5300.AA)

A student graduating with an Associate in Arts Degree in English will have successfully completed classes in composition, literature, linguistics, and critical thinking. All students will have written a passing research paper with proper documentation and will have demonstrated transfer level essay writing proficiency based on department rubric.

Major requirements (23 units minimum)
A grade of “C” or better is required in the following courses:

Major Requirements:
Course Course Description Units C-ID
ENGL 1B or
Introduction to the Study of Literature or
Honors Introduction to the Study of Literature
3 ENG 120
ENGL 3 or
Critical Reading and Writing or
Honors Critical Reading and Writing
3 ENG 105
List A: Choose 14 units from the following:
Course Course Description Units C-ID
*ENGL 15A Creative Writing: Poetry 3 ENGL 200
*ENGL 15B Creative Writing: Fiction 3 ENGL 200
*ENGL 15E Creative Writing: Non-Fiction 3 N/A
*ENGL 15F Creative Writing: Screenwriting 3 N/A
*ENGL 41 Themes in Literature 4 N/A
ENGL 43A American Literature: Origins through Reconstruction 3 ENGL 130
ENGL 43B American Literature: 1877 to Present 3 ENGL 135
ENGL 44A World Literature to the Renaissance 3 ENGL 140
ENGL 44B World Literature Since the Renaissance 3 ENGL 145
ENGL 46A English Literature to 1800 3 ENGL 160
ENGL 46B English Literature from 1800 to the Present 3 ENGL 165
ENGL 47 Shakespeare 3 N/A
ENGL 49 Latino and Chicano Literature 3 N/A
*ENGL 72 Writing Center Theory and Practice 1 N/A
*ENGL 72A Advanced Writing Center Theory and Practice 1 N/A
FILM 1 Introduction to Film Studies 3 N/A
FILM 2A History of Cinema: 1895 -1960 3 N/A
FILM 2B History of Cinema: 1960 to Present 3 N/A
LIBSKL 1 Information Competency/Research Skills 1 N/A
List B: Choose 1 course from the following:
Course Course Description Units C-ID
LING 10 or
Introduction to Language or
Introduction to Language for Teachers
3 N/A


  • No more than 6 units of creative writing may be applied to the degree; only 2 units from ENGL 72 and ENGL72A may be applied to the degree.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Write a passing documented thesis/argument based research paper, free of intentional or unintentional plagiarism with annotated bibliography.

Faculty Advisor(s): Bennet, Brandon, Burdick, G. Dent, C. Elliot, Fritz, Ishigaki, Ross, Rowley, Sanwo, Simonson, & Torres

2017-2018 Associate in Arts in English Printable Major Sheet (PDF)