Health Care Interpreter

Certificate in Health Care Interpreter 2017-2018

(Major #C.4501.CN)

The Health Care Interpretation Certification Program's purpose is to prepare bilingual and bicultural individuals to develop skills necessary for effective language interpretation in health care settings, to bridge the cultural gap, to develop cultural competency, and improve linguistic and cultural communication for health care clients. Interpreters will utilize these skills in community based organizations to provide accurate health care information and perform cultural advocacy as required by Federal law.

Complete the following program of study. Requirements (12 units minimum).

Required Core:
Course Course Description Units C-ID
HLTH 14* Interpreting in Health care I 4
HLTH 15 Interpreting in Health care II 4
HLTH 16 Field Work in Health Care Interpreting 4


Prior to entrance into Health Interpreter Program orientation and assessment of bilingual skills is required.

*Health 14 must be completed within 2 years prior to enrollment of Health 15 and 16.

Recommended Courses: Office Technology 10, Biology 20,22

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will be able to demonstrate professional interpreting, and they will be skillful, competent and culturally sensitive interpreters.

Advisors: Rutledge.

2017-2018 Certificate in Health Care Interpreter