Foreign Language

Foreign Language Associate of Arts Degree 2020-2021

(Major #C.5500.AA)

Students will understand the phonological, semantic, and syntactic features of a foreign language and the relationship of that language to one or more cultures in which it is used. Students will possess the receptive skills (listening and reading) and the productive skills (speaking and writing) necessary to achieve communicative competence in at least one foreign language and will be prepared to pursue more advanced study of that language at a four-year institution.

Major requirements (22 units minimum)
A grade of “C” or better is required in the following courses:

Select three courses from a minimum of two languages:
Course Course Description Units
CHIN 1 Beginning Chinese 4
CHIN 2 High-Beginning Chinese 4
FRENCH 1 Beginning French 5
FRENCH 2 High-Beginning French 5
*FRENCH 3 Intermediate French 5
*GERMAN 1 Beginning German 4
*GERMAN 2 High-Beginning German 4
*GERMAN 3 Intermediate German 4
SPAN 1 Beginning Spanish 5
SPAN 2 High-Beginning Spanish 5
SPAN 3 Intermediate Spanish 5
SPAN 3NS Spanish for Spanish Speakers 4
List A: Select One course:
Course Course Description Units
*FRENCH 4 High-Intermediate French 5
*GERMAN 4 High-Intermediate German 4
SPAN 4 High-Intermediate Spanish 5
*SPAN 4NS Spanish for Spanish Speakers 4
List B: Select one course:
Course Course Description Units
LING 10 or
Introduction to Language or
Introduction to Language for Teachers
List C - Select one course or any course not used in List A or List B
Course Course Description Units
ENGL 44A World Literature to the Renaissance 3
ENGL 44B World Literature Since the Renaissance 3
ENGL 49 LatinX Literature 3
GEOG 6 World Regional Geography 3
HIST 1 Western Civilization to 1648 3
HIST 2 Western Civilization from 1648 3

Additional Information

* These courses may be offered subject to demand

  1. Engage in the conversation using the target language in daily life situations.
  2. Read with a certain depth of understanding magazine or newspaper articles, short stories, and literary excerpts written in the target language.
  3. Write at the intermediate level in the target language in a variety of modalities including personal and professional letters, short narratives, and descriptive essays. Conduct research using a variety of resources including published documents and web-based resources.
  4. Recognize and understand cultural similarities and differences between U.S. culture and that of the target language. Distinguish simple behavioral patterns that represent these cultures and behave in culturally appropriate ways in specific situations.

Faculty Advisor(s): Gutierrez.

2020-2021 Foreign Language Associate of Arts Degree