Physical Education

Physical Education Associate in Arts Degree 2020-2021

(MAJOR #C.4200.AA)

The student who completes the requirements for an AA degree in Physical Education will identify effective pedagogical techniques for primary and secondary students. The student will demonstrate a basic knowledge of human anatomy and the treatment of common sports/ fitness related injuries. The student will have practical experience in a breadth of activities, such as intercollegiate sports, swimming, racquet sports, and fitness activities like weight training and aerobic dance.

Major requirements (18 units minimum)
A grade of “C” or better is required in the following courses:

Required Core:
Course Course Description Units
BIOL 5 Human Biology 4
Complete a minimum of 8 units from the following:
Course Course Description Units
BIOL 20 Human Anatomy 4
BIOL 22 Human Physiology 5
CHEM 3A Introductory General Chemistry 4
CHEM 10 Elementary Chemistry 4
FN 35 Nutrition and Health 3
FN 40 Nutrition 3
HLTH 1 Contemporary Health Issues 3
HLTH 2 First Aid and Safety 2
KINES 22 Introduction to Physical Education 3
Select three units from the following:
Course Course Description Units
DANCE 9 Dance Conditioning 1
DANCE 10 Modern Dance 1
DANCE 12A Ballet 1
DANCE 14 Beginning Jazz Dance 1
DANCE 15 Intermediate Jazz Dance Technique 1
DANCE 28 Intermediate Modern Dance Technique 1
PE 2 Aerobics (Dance, Step, or Water) 1
PE 6 Fitness and Health 1
PE 7 Golf .5
PE 8 Martial Arts/Self Defense 1
PE 12 Beginning Swim for Fitness 1
PE 12B Intermediate Swim for Fitness 1
PE 14 Volleyball .5
PE 15 Weight Training 1
PE 15B Advanced Weight Training 1
PE 16 Fitness Walking .5
PE 18 Floor Exercises 1
PE 19 Weight Training and Aerobics 1
PE 19B Advanced Weight Training and Aerobics 1
PE 29 Yoga 1
PE 32B Competitive Cross Country 3
PE 32C Off Season Conditioning for Cross Country 1
PE 36B Competitive Soccer 3
PE 36C Off-season Conditioning for Soccer 1
PE 36D Athletic Recovery .5
PE 39B Competitive Track and Field 3
PE 43B Competitive Swimming and Diving 3
PE 43C Off-Season Conditioning for Swimming 1
PE 45 Performance Training and Conditioning Techniques for Intercollegiate Athletics 1-2
PE 49 Weight Training for Collegiate Athletes 1
PE 49A Beginning Circuit Training 1
PE 71 Soccer 1

Additional Information

*Please note that some of the PE courses are .5 units each

  1. Plan, implement, practice, and measure appropriate fitness activities that promote improved levels of muscular strength and endurance, cardio-respiratory endurance, flexibility, and body composition.
  2. Acquire skills and/or knowledge of skill sets, demonstrate basic knowledge of rules and/or terminology, and identify necessary equipment for specific physical activities.
  3. Recognize the relationship between physical activity and physical wellness.
  4. Recognize the impact physical activity has on cognitive functioning and/ or emotional wellness.
  5. Recognize the social and financial implications of inadequate physical activity.

Faculty Advisor(s): Becky Allen

2020-2021 Physical Education Associate in Arts Degree