Small Business Management

Small Business Management Associate in Science Degree 2020-2021

(Major C.2030.AS)

The associate degree is intended for students who wish to be successful in the business environment, especially those wishing to start, own, or operate a small business. The course of the study will prepare the student on how to successfully operate a small business.

They will have acquired the necessary skills, education, and classroom experience to understand how business function, the role that the management plays in effective business operations, and the many facets of organizational behavior and employee motivation in the workplace. They will be able to apply these skills immediately in their efforts to establish a small business.

Major requirements (32-35 units minimum).
A grade of “C” or better is required in the following courses:

Required Core:
Course Course Description Units
ACCTG 40 Applied Accounting 4
BA 5 Business Communications 3
BA 10 Introduction to Business 3
BA 18 Business and the Legal Environment 4
BA 33 Human Relations in Business 3
BA 38 Operation of the Small Business 3
BA 47 Careers-Business 1
IS 15 Computer Concepts – Fulfils GE Familiarity with Computer Concepts requirement 3
MKTG 10 Marketing 3
Select one:
Course Course Description Units
BA 39 Finite Mathematics for Business (fulfills GE Math Requirement) 3
STAT 7 Elementary Statistics (fulfills GE Math Requirement) 4

*Select an additional 3 units from the **BA, ACCTG, ECON, IS, or MKTG disciplines

  • Accounting 4A (ACCTG 4A – Financial Accounting) will be allowed as a substitute for ACCTG 40.
  • Business Administration 27 (BA 27 – Students in Free Enterprise SIFE/Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization) will be allowed as a substitute for BA 47.

Faculty Advisor(s): Alanis, Castaneda.

2020-2021 Small Business Management Associate in Science Degree