Communication Studies

Communication Studies Certificate of Achievement 2020-2021

(Major #C.5343.CA)

Upon completion of this certificate, students will have communication skills that are applicable in the workforce. Skills may include but are not limited to: gathering and organizing of information, analyzing the audience, presenting, discerning verbal and nonverbal communication signals, managing conflict, applying effective leadership characteristics, communicating inter-personally, and recognizing the role of diversity. The Certificate of Achievement in Communication Studies is designed to enhance a student's ability to communicate in social, professional, and relational contexts. This certificate is intended to enhance the communication skills for students of all majors and career paths. Coursework may be applied toward an AA degree. 

Major requirements (12 units minimum)
A grade of “C” or better is required in the following courses:

Required Core:
Course Course Description Units C-ID
COMM 1 or
Public Speaking or
Honors Public Speaking
3 COMM 110
Select three courses:
Course Course Description Units C-ID
COMM 2 Interpersonal Communication 3 COMM 130
COMM 4 Persuasion 3 COMM 190
COMM 8 Group Communication 3 COMM 140
COMM 10 Intercultural Communication 3 COMM 150
COMM 12 Oral Interpretation Of Literature
*Formerly: Fundamentals of Interpretation
3 COMM 170
COMM 15 Computer-Mediated Communication 3 N/A
COMM 25 Argumentation 3 COM 120

Faculty Advisor(s): Briones, Martinez, Sarkisian & Vagim

2020-2021 Communication Studies Certificate of Achievement