Information Systems: Networking

Information Systems: Networking Certificate of Achievement 2020-2021

(MAJOR #C.693B.CA)

The purpose of this core program is to provide students with the knowledge, training, and hands-on experience to pursue a career as a networking technician. Students completing this course of study will possess a fundamental understanding of computer networks and be able to enter the workforce as a technician in business, government, or education.

These courses apply toward the Associate in Science Degree in Information Systems.

Complete the following program of study. Requirements (21.5 units minimum).

Required Courses:
Course Course Description Units
IS 13 Database Essentials 1.5
IS 15 Computer Concepts 3
IS 16 Word Processing 1.5
IS 18 Spreadsheet Fundamentals 1.5
IS 19V Cooperative Work Experience, Information Systems 1
IS 40A Web Development with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript 3
IS 62 Computer & Communication Essentials Troubleshooting and Maintenance 4
IS 63 Computer Networking Fundamentals 3
IS 64 Computer Networking II 3

Additional Information

  1. Apply structured logic in analyzing and solving problems.
  2. Create a web document that contains Hyperlinks, graphics, tables, and forms.
  3. Plan, design, and write stand-alone computer programs.
  4. Develop a well-designed relational database.

Advisor(s): Nabors

2020-2021 Information Systems: Networking Certificate of Achievement