Managerial Assistant

Managerial Assistant Certificate of Achievement 2020-2021

(Major C.2180.CA)

Students who complete the outlined course of study will be prepared for intermediate supervisory positions as a managerial assistant. They will have acquired the necessary skills, education, and classroom experience to understand how businesses function, the role that management plays in effective business operations, and the many facets of organizational behavior and employee motivation in the workplace. They will be able to apply these skills in the workplace.

Major requirements (20 units minimum).
A grade of “C” or better is required in the following courses:

Required Core::
Course Course Description Units
*ACCTG 40 Applied Accounting 4
BA 5 Business Communications 3
BA 10 Introduction to Business 3
BA 15 Introduction to Management 3
BA 19V Cooperative Work Experience, Business 1
BA 33 Human Relations in Business 3
IS 15 Computer Concepts 3

Additional Information

*Accounting 4A (ACCTG 4A- Financial Accounting) will be allowed as a substitute for ACCTG 40.

Advisor(s): Alanis, Castaneda

2020-2021 Managerial Assistant Certificate of Achievement