Business Intern

Certificate in Business Intern 2020-2021

(Major #C.2042.CN)

Students who complete the outlined course of study will be prepared for entry-level positions in the world of business. They will have acquired the necessary skills, education, and classroom experience to understand basic business concepts and be able to contribute these skills in an entry-level position in business.

Complete the following program of study. Major requirements (18 units minimum).

Required Core

Select from the following:
Course Course Description Units
ACCTG 40 Applied Accounting 4
BA 10 Introduction to Business 3
BA 33 Human Relations in Business 3
BA 38 Operations of the Small Business 3
BA 47 Careers-Business 1
IS 10 Keyboarding 1
IS 15 Computer Concepts 3

Additional Information

*The “Certificate In” is awarded by the business department and will not appear on a student’s transcript.

Faculty Advisor(s): Alanis, Castaneda.

2020-2021 Certificate In Business Intern