Career Exploration

Career Exploration Certificate of Completion 2020-2021

(Major CodeC.206A.CC)

This program helps students identify and evaluate careers that fit their skills, abilities, and professional goals. Students who complete this program develop a personalized career road map in order to prepare them to pursue their dream career.

Completion of the following courses:

Select from the following:
Course Course Description Units
BA 361 Identifying Your Career Path 9
BA 360 Deciding Your Career Path 9
BA 362 Developing your Career Path 18

Additional Information

Non-Credit Program offering

  1. Students develop a comprehensive career plan outlining their ideal career along with goals and timelines.
  2. Students obtain a better understanding of their own unique personality and job environment preferences through online self-assessments.

Faculty Advisor(s): Alanis

2020-2021 Career Exploration Certificate of Completion