Mechatronics Electronic Job Skills Certificate

Certificate In Mechatronics/Industrial Automation - Electronic Job Skills 2020-2021

(Major #C.8392.CN)

The Electronic Job Skills Certificate in Mechatronics/Industrial Automation is designed to prepare students for employment as entry-level industrial assemblers and operators. The program prepares students for careers in industrial automation systems focusing on the local industries that utilize these technologies, such as food production, petroleum production, fabrication, and logistics. This program focuses on the application of electronics and computer technology to industrial automation systems, including electronics, motors, motor control and programmable logic controllers. Significant emphasis is placed on project-based learning facilitated by significant laboratory work.

Complete the following program of study. Requirements (11 semester units).

Required Core Courses:

Select from the following:
Course Course Description Units
MECH 3 Electricity and Electronics (AC & DC) 4
MECH 4 Electric Motors – Controls 4
MECH 5 Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) 3

Additional Information

Total Units 11
All courses require a “C” (2.0) or higher.

  1. Safety: Identify the hazards associated with automated machinery and determine appropriate safety methods for working in an industrial environment.
  2. Troubleshooting: Utilize electrical/mechanical troubleshooting and communication skills to diagnose, repair, test, and return to service failed components.
  3. Identify and Solve Problems: Identify, analyze, and solve narrowly defined technical problems determining root cause with a general understanding of industry practices.
  4. System Design and Programming: Use basic understanding of programming and industrial system design to enhance systems via incremental changes in software and/or in hardware modifications.
  5. Communication: Apply written, oral, and graphical communication skills in both technical and non-technical environments, and identify and use appropriate technical literature.
  6. Teamwork, Professionalism, and Quality: Function effectively as a team member, both individually and as a group, demonstrating a commitment to quality, timeliness, and continuous improvement in a professional manner.

Faculty Advisor(s): Matthew Graff

2020-2021 Certificate In Mechatronics/Industrial Automation - Electronic Job Skills