Computer Science

Computer Science is a very useful thing to know in the modern world. All industries need employees with computer science skills, and so even if you are not a CSCI major, having some experience and CSCI classes will offer you advantages for future employment. If you do want to become a CSCI major, this will create opportunities to work in a variety of industries around the world.

At Clovis Community College we offer a full two years of computer science, which are designed to prepare you for upper division classes at universities around the country, or give you the capabilities to work as a programmer in the field.

Degrees Offered

  • Associates in Computer Science


  • CSCI 40 and 41 (first and second semester computer science) every semester
  • CSCI 26 (Discrete Math) every fall
  • CSCI 45 (Assembly and Projects) every spring

Application developers at work