Clovis Community College is committed to providing pre-health preparation and educational opportunities by offering Associate Degrees, Associate Degrees for transfer, certificates, and more. By providing state of the art facilities, excellent teaching faculty, and superior student services Clovis Community College is preparing pre-health students in prerequisites and transfer requirements for health programs and/or transfer to a 4 year university. Clovis Community College is committed to creating pre-health student at a time!

Clovis Community Colleges Pre-Health program is committed to providing pre-health students an inclusive education where students can find their instructors, counselors, tutors, student government, peers, community, and more working together to provide a superior pre-health education. Clovis Community College offers the following to accomplish all of this and more:

Student Support Services:

Experiential learning Activities:

  • Morgue tours & Autopsy Observations with Fresno County Sheriff Coroners Office
  • Clovis Community Medical Center Surgical Services Learning Experiences Tour
  • Saint Agnes Medical Center Mini- Health Conferences
  • Saint Agnes Medical Center Cath Lab Tours
  • UC Davis Pre-Health Conference Field Trip
  • Pre-Professional Pathway charts developed with Clovis Unified School District (CUSD)
    • Pre-Dental
    • Pre-Medical
    • Pre-Optometry
    • Pre-Pharmacy
    • Pre-Physician Assistant
    • Pre-Veterinary

Pre-Health Degrees offered at CCC

Associate Degrees (AS)

  • Biological Sciences, AS
  • Physical Sciences, AS

Associate Degrees for Transfer (AS-T)

Pre-Health Certificates offered at CCC

  • Health Care Interpreter CA

Pre-Health Classes offered at CCC

Pre-health Biology courses offered at CCC:

  • Biol 5 (Human Biology)
  • Biol 11A (Biology for Science Majors I)
  • Biol 11B (Biology for Science Majors II)
  • Biol 20 (Anatomy)
  • Biol 22 (Physiology)
  • Biol 31 (Microbiology)

Pre-health Chemistry courses offered at CCC:

  • Chem 3A (Introductory General Chemistry)
  • Chem 1A (General Chemistry)
  • Chem 1B (General Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis)
  • Chem 28A (Organic Chemistry I)
  • Chem 28B (Organic Chemistry II)

Pre-health Physics courses offered at CCC:

  • Phys 2A (General Physics I)
  • Phys 2B (General Physics II)
  • Phys 4A (Physics for Scientists and Engineers)
  • Phys 4B (Physics for Scientists and Engineers)
  • Phys 4C (Physics for Scientists and Engineers)

Make an appointment with a Counselor by contacting the CCC Counseling Office at (559) 325-5230 for more information.