The Biology Department at Clovis Community College is dedicated to the success of our students and offers essential courses in the biological sciences that will prepare students for careers in the biological sciences, pre-health, and pre-vet pathways. The Biology department works closely with on campus clubs to serve our community and enrich student exposure by providing opportunities through internships and outreach. The curriculum is geared towards preparing students for the rigor of a 4 year college and professional programs.

Some of the benefits of Studying Biology at CCC:

  • Small class sizes
  • Highly qualified faculty with degrees in their respective fields: Bird Biologists, Physicians, Veterinarians, Epidemiologists
  • Faculty taught lab sessions
  • A wide variety of expertise in the biological disciplines, including medical and research professionals.
  • Subject related extra curricular activities including:
    • A science club and a pre-health club
    • Various conferences, field trips and site visits


Possible careers with degree in biology include:

  • Higher education lecturer
  • Microbiologist
  • Nature conservation officer
  • Pharmacologist
  • Physician associate
  • Research scientist (life sciences)
  • Research scientist (medical)
  • Secondary school teacher

Human arm and torso of an anatomical model


  • Associate Degree in Life Sciences
  • Associate Degree for Transfer in Biology

Biology Classes Offered

  • BIOL 3: Introduction to Life Science – 4 units
  • BIOL 5: Human Biology - 4 units
  • BIOL 10: Introduction to Life Science (Online) - 3 units
  • BIOL 10L: Introduction to Life Science Lab - 1 unit
  • BIOL 11 A: Biology for Science Majors I - 5 units
  • BIOL 11 B: Biology for Science Majors II - 5 units
  • BIOL 20: Human Anatomy - 4 units
  • BIOL 22: Human Physiology - 5 units
  • BIOL 31: Microbiology - 5 units

Petri dishes

Biology Teachers at Clovis Community College.

Our staff have a robust set of backgrounds both in academic and professional experiences. These backgrounds paired with a dedication to student success ensure that the students that leave the biology program are prepared for their next educational pursuit.