Why Study Geology at CCC?

“We are the environment and how we treat each other is really how we treat the environment.”
– Dr. John Francis

We currently are offering two Geology classes. Most students will be taking a Geology class to fulfill their transfer requirement of a class with a lab component.

Here at Clovis Community College we are surrounded by some of the most remarkable geological locations. In 2013 the Geological Society of America convened in Fresno to study geological locations that are only hours away including Yosemite National Park, the San Andreas Fault, and the Sierra Nevada Foothills. Don't just live here, enjoy your surroundings. Take a geology class and learn to appreciate our area while impressing friends and family with your knowledge of how our area was developed from a geological viewpoint and the materials around us.

Free Lab Kits*

Geology lab kits

Free lab kits* for students enrolled in the Geology 1 or 9 this Spring 2021

Classes include self-guided field experinces

Featuring hands-on materials including:

Rock and Mineral Specimens, Mineral Test Kit, Yosemite Map, Ruler, Compass, Protractor, and various other materials needed to be successful in this class/ lab in this crazy virtual world!

*Kits will be distributed in-person to enrolled students in early Spring. Kits may be mailed to students who are facing access barriers.
For additional information, please contact:
Brandy White, Science Laboratory Coordinator |

Geology courses at Clovis Community College

Geology Courses:
Course Course Description
GEOL 1 Physical Geology
GEOL 9 Introduction to Earth Science
GEOL 2WL Historical Geology
*Coming Fall 2021

Degrees offered


 American Geosciences Institute

The American Geosciences Institute

For more information about Geology, career paths, scholarships, and internships you can visit the American Geosciences Institute website

For Students & Educators

Diversity | Equity | Inclusion

"All perspectives and experiences are welcome and valued in our courses, and in program events."
  • We acknowledge that we teach and learn about the Earth on the historical homeland of the Yokuts.
  • Geoscientists need a more inclusive workforce community: Diversity at GSA
  • The Geology Department at CCC strives to be inclusive, and support students’ personal goals and dreams: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Geology Department Contact

Dr. Michelle Selvans
Office: Clovis Community College AC1- 280
Office Number: (559)-325-5010