Physics is a field of science involving the experimental investigation and theoretical explanation of many natural phenomena, including motion, matter, energy, and the fundamental forces of nature. The study of physics provides students with a broad range of knowledge and develops problem-solving skills that are useful in many disciplines. The program at Clovis Community College emphasizes classical physics, including Newtonian mechanics, fluids, waves, sound, thermodynamics, electricity, magnetism and optics. Advanced classes also include topics from modern physics, including relativity, quantum mechanics, particle physics, and cosmology.

The physics instructors at Clovis Community College are strongly committed to providing our students with a careful and comprehensive physics education. We aim to have students leave our courses with a solid foundation for future study in the sciences or engineering. We also hope students have a better understanding of the world (and universe!) around them.

Degrees Offered:

  • Physical Science - Associate in Science (Major #C.6300.AS)
  • Associate in Science in Physics for Transfer (Major #C.3664.AS-T)

Both of these programs are designed to provide a background in physical science and to prepare students for transfer into chemistry, geology, physics, and engineering four-year programs. Many students choose to continue with graduate study in any other science or engineering.


  • PHYS 2A - General Physics I
  • PHYS 2B - General Physics II
  • PHYS 4A - Physics for Scientists and Engineers
  • PHYS 4B - Physics for Scientists and Engineers
  • PHYS 4C - Physics for Scientists and Engineers
  • PHYS 10 - Conceptual Physics

Potential Careers:

Depending on the level of degree achieved, possible future careers include:

  • Technical or research positions at a government lab, industry, or university
  • Teaching at the K-12 or college level
  • Physical science technician / engineering aide
  • Professional programs like business, law, and medicine (check out physics majors' MCAT and LSAT scores!)