High School Enrichment

Application and Registration Due Dates

Summer/Fall 2022 Enrichment Applications will be accepted beginning April 1st

Registration for Summer 2022 classes will begin April 29th
Registration for Fall 2022 classes will begin May 10th

Review SCCCD Vaccine Requirements for In-Person Classes

The Clovis Community College High School Enrichment program offers students in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades an opportunity to enroll in college courses and receive college credit. Exceptions to this policy are outlined in the High School Enrichment application.

Generally, courses of a remedial nature, courses for which failing grades were earned, and courses required for high school graduation do not meet the intent and spirit of the program. Students must meet all the necessary prerequisites for any course in which they wish to enroll. Students admitted to the program are treated as new students each semester attended, and are eligible to register during the open enrollment period.

Benefits of the Program

  • The ability to get ahead and earn college credit while still in High School.
  • No tuition costs - The student is responsible for books and materials required for the course.

Enrollment Guide

Students interested in participating in the High School Enrichment Program must meet the following eligibility requirements*:

  • Completed the 9th grade or equivalent prior to the beginning of the semester or term the student plans to participate in the program.
  • Have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA for 11-12th grade students, 3.0 GPA for 10th grade students.
  • Have not received a “D”, “F”, “Incomplete”, or “NP” grade in any former State Center Community College District (SCCCD) enrichment or dual enrollment course.

*Students who do not meet the above eligibility requirements must complete the Special Admittance Process detailed in the application.

  1. You will first create an OpenCCC account to begin an application.
    1. If you have not submitted an online application in the last two years, complete the online admission application for the first semester the student plans to attend.
    2. Summer/Fall application opens on April 1st and Spring application opens on October 1st
  2. While logged into your OpenCCC account, click Start A New Application to apply to Clovis Community College.
    1. You must select “Enrichment/Dual Enrollment” under the “Term Applying For” in the application.
    2. If you have any issues completing/submitting the application, you can contact our helpdesk at 1.844.887.2223.
  3. An instructional video is available with step-by-step directions on filling out the online application.
  4. Within 24-48 hours after you have applied online, you should receive an Admission Acknowledgement email from SCCCD Admissions & Records with your Student ID# (7 digits beginning with a zero).
    1. If you have not received an email after 48 hours, check your spam/junk folder. Or you can select the “What’s My Student ID#?” link on WebAdvisor

Complete the High School Enrichment Packet (make sure to open the packet in Adobe, not your internet browser)

  1. Once you receive your college ID number, you can work with your high school counselor to select the courses you wish to take and complete the HSE packet. The packet includes fillable forms but must have physical signatures. Electronic signatures are no longer accepted. Make sure to open the packet in Adobe, not your internet browser.
    1. Note: The HSE packet requires signatures from your parents, high school counselor, high school principal, and an attached current copy of your high school transcript.
  2. Submit your completed High School Enrichment packet to enrichment@cloviscollege.edu. All packets must be accompanied by an unofficial high school transcript.

  • After you have completed the college application and submitted your HSE packet via email, a counselor will review your packet. If approved, it will be forwarded to the Admissions & Records Office for registration and a confirmation email will be sent to your college email account. If not approved, we will notify you by phone as to why it was not approved.
  • If you do not meet the eligibility requirements and you have submitted the additional documentation (see eligibility requirements above), the application will be forwarded to the Vice President of Student Services for review.

HSE students cannot register or drop courses online through WebAdvisor. Admissions and Records will send confirmation to your college email if/when you are registered for your course(s).

Contact Information

CCC Counseling

Phone Number: (559) 325-5230
Email: enrichment@cloviscollege.edu

Frequently Asked Questions

After completing the online application, you will receive a CCC ID. This is not your SCCCD ID number. Your SCCCD ID number will be emailed to you 24-48 hours after completing your application (Hint: search your email for “SCCCD” to find it quicker) You can also find your 7-digit SCCCD ID number by going to WebAdvisor.

Once your application has been processed and you have been registered you will want to check your college email periodically for any class updates. You will also want to log in to Canvas, no later than the weekend before class starts, to become familiar with the layout.

If you have been waitlisted for a class you will need to check your college email periodically for a “permission to register” email. This email is time-sensitive and will expire if not accessed in the allotted timeframe. Enrichment students cannot register online. Once you have received this email you will need to forward it to cccaandr@scccd.edu and include the following:

  • The forwarded email
  • That you are an enrichment student
  • Your full name and SCCCD ID number

If you have not received permission to register by the first day of class you will need to email the instructor to see if they have space to add you to the class.

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