Shuttle pick-up and drop-off, Herndon Campus and River Park

River Park Shuttle Express

Clovis Community College provides an express shuttle service to transport students between Clovis Community College Campus and River Park.

Transportation to and from:

Clovis Community College and River Park (at FAX bus stop on Blackstone & El Paso in front of Macaroni Grill Restaurant)

Shuttle Schedule:

Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Free to Ride:

However you must have a current Student ID Card from any of these colleges:

  • Clovis Community College
  • Fresno City College
  • Reedley College
  • Madera Community College Center
  • Oakhurst Community College Center

You can purchase your Student ID card from the Student Activities Center in AC1-160 for $10.

Pick-up and Drop-off Locations:

  • Clovis Community College: By parking lot “D” near the soccer bleachers by the grass soccer field
  • River Park: At FAX bus stop on Blackstone & El Paso in front of Macaroni Grill Restaurant

Shuttle Express Schedule

Location Arrive Depart
CCC 7:00 am 7:05 am
RP 7:25 am 7:30 am
CCC 7:50 am 7:55 am
RP 8:15 am 8:20 am
CCC 8:40 am 8:45 am
RP 9:05 am 9:10 am
CCC 9:30 am 9:35 am
RP 9:55 am 10:00 am
CCC 10:20 am 10:25 am
RP 10:45 am 10:50 am
CCC 11:10 am 11:15 am
RP 11:35 am 11:40 am
CCC 12:00 pm 12:05 pm
RP 12:25 pm 12:30 pm
CCC 12:50 pm 12:55 pm
RP 1:15 pm 1:20 pm
CCC 1:40 pm 1:45 pm
RP 2:05 pm 2:10 pm
CCC 2:30 pm 2:35 pm
RP 2:55 pm 3:00 pm
CCC 3:20 pm 3:25 pm
RP 3:45 pm 3:50 pm
CCC 4:10 pm 4:15 pm
RP 4:35 pm 4:40 pm
CCC 5:00 pm End of Route
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