Disabled Student Programs & Services Program Overview

DSP&S Services:

For those who are new, Disabled Student Programs and Services is available on each campus to help faculty and staff meet the needs of students with disabilities. Faculty, when you receive a Notification of Authorized Services (NOAS) form from a student, you are responsible to support, facilitate and provide those accommodations with the assistance of DSP&S staff. Please call the counselor on the NOAS form if you have questions, get to know them, and let us help you!

Watch for the form: Notification of Authorized Services (it will be given to the instructor by the student).

It will have the approved accommodations and the DSP&S counselor’s name so instructors can contact the counselor if they have questions about how to deliver the accommodations. Please ensure that the Notification of Authorized Service form is for the current academic year.

Common questions from instructors:

  • Do I need to stay longer for extended testing time? No, it is explained to the student during our initial interview that they are required to set up tests with our testing center and follow the process.
  • Do I need to provide E-Text? No, If a student is authorized we require them to show us the hard copy of the text or receipt and then we request their book in alternate format from our Alternative Media Specialist.
  • My student told me I need to do something for them that is not on the Notification of Authorized Services. Do I need to do that? No, but please refer the student back to DSPS. Some students may need to add an accommodation they initially declined. CCC DSPS counselors are very clear that accommodations will not alter the fundamental content of the course. Some students misunderstand or even forget, that is why the Notification of Authorized Services is very important.

What’s Necessary:

  • Include disability statement on syllabus. Can be found in Faculty Handbook.
  • Maintain confidentiality: do not initiate a conversation about the student’s disability or accommodations in front of others.
  • Support, facilitate and provide the accommodations listed on the Notification of Authorized Services
  • If instructor suspects that a student has a disability, but they have not self-identified, please contact DSP&S,Colleen Brannon or Jackie Smith so we can follow up with the student. Referrals can be made directly or through the SARS Connect.

Contact DSP&S Services for further information and support:

DSP&S Coordinator/Counselor:
Colleen Brannon | 325-5349 | colleen.brannon@cloviscollege.edu
AC2-137B in Student Services | M-F 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.*

DSP&S Adjunct Counselor:
Jackie Smith | 325-5335 | jackie.smith@cloviscollege.edu
AC2-119 | M T TH 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.*

DSP&S Adjunct Counselor:
Rica Mcginnis | 325-5327 | rica.mcginnis@cloviscollege.edu
AC2-119 | T F 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.*

DSP&S Learning Disability Specialist:
Elizabeth Rutledge | 325-5093 | elizabeth.rutledge@cloviscollege.edu
AC2-119 | Hours and days vary*

Alternative Media Specialist:
Kham Boutthavong | 325-5286 | kham.boutthavong@cloviscollege.edu
AC2-110 | M-F Hours vary*

CCC Faculty DSP&S Information

Quick Quiz: True or False? Actual Events We Can Learn From

FALSE! Instructors are responsible for providing the accommodations listed on the NOAS form. If a student wants additional accommodations, do not immediately refuse. Listen to their concerns. Our college does not want to fundamentally alter the course. After hearing his or her concerns, contact DSP&S. We will help. DSP&S will have an interactive discussion with student and faculty to determine if any additional reasonable accommodations need to be made.

FALSE! If recording lectures is on the NOAS, then the student must be allowed to record.

FALSE! The instructor can offer, but not require where and when the test is taken.

FALSE AND TRUE! Students will work with the Testing Services office to schedule tests based on their disability and office availability. We encourage scheduling tests close to or the exact the time of the exam in class. Due to circumstances, this might not be possible. Faculty are encouraged to present a date and mark testing form if it can be rescheduled.

FALSE! Instructors are responsible for getting the tests to DSP&S. Students may not bring a test to DSP&S.

FALSE! No accommodations can fundamentally alter the content of the course or its academic requirements.

FALSE! DSP&S does not excuse absences as an academic accommodation as that would be a fundamental alteration to the course. Students are the primary person responsible in notifying instructors of all absences. In extreme circumstances when a long-term absence which is disability related occurs and notification by the student is not possible, the DSP&S office will assist the student in notifying instructors.