Outcomes and Assessment

At Clovis Community College, learning outcomes assessment is viewed as a productive and valuable tool to increase student success. It is an integral component of the institution's mission, to "create opportunities: one student at a time." Since other modes of assessment (such as grading) typically capture outcomes not necessarily related to academic learning (e.g. attendance, extra credit earned, etc.), learning outcomes assessment aims to discover how well students are actually attaining intended outcomes campus-wide.  Faculty, staff, and administration all use assessment results to make improvements in student learning.

At Clovis, learning outcomes assessment is performed in four different contexts:

  • Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) - course-level outcomes
  • Service Unit Outcomes (SUOs) - non-instructional program-level outcomes
  • Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) - instructional program-level outcomes
  • Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) - institutional-level outcomes

For SLOs/SUOs, every discipline and/or service unit has its own timeline for assessment. They also determine their own assessment methods. All timelines, along with methods, results, and discussions surrounding assessments are reported each spring for the previous calendar year. Beginning in fall 2019, these SLO/SUO reports will be completed and stored in the website software system, eLumen.

Historically, PLO assessment was generally completed as part of the five-year comprehensive program review cycle (some disciplines were more frequent). The results and discussion were part of the instructional program's program review report. With the revamping of the old program review process into the new Unit/Program Plan process, the process of PLO assessment is now under revision. 

ILO assessment is spearheaded by the Outcomes and Assessment Committee. Each ILO category is assessed every four years, and methods, results, and discussions are recorded and stored here on the college website.

Link to eLumen - https://clovis.elumenapp.com (requires network login to view)

Download the Outcomes & Assessment Handbook - 2018 [Draft](PDF) .