Success with Summer School

Fast and Affordable

Get ahead in college and save money:
Transferable classes at $46 per unit

Sign up for Clovis Community College Summer School:

  • Registration opens Tuesday, April 23, 2019 for New/Returning students
  • New/Returning students can apply now and then register on or after April 23rd

Three Summer School Sessions to choose from:

  • 4-week session: Tuesday, May 28 – Friday, June 21
  • 6-week session: Monday, June 24 –Friday, August 2
    • All on-campus classes will meet on Friday, June 28; thereafter there will be no more Friday classes for this 6 week session only
    • No class on Monday, July 8 for this 6 week session only
  • 4-week session: Monday, July 8 –Friday, August 2

Are you a new student, wanting to sign up for Summer School?

Sign up here

Are you a returning student, wanting to sign up for summer school?

  1. Go to MyPortal
  2. Click on WebAdvisor to register for classes

You can access a current list of open classes at Clovis Main Campus and Clovis Herndon Campus, if you have access to a computer running Internet Explorer.

Always check WebAdvisor for the most updated available classes. You can always access WebAdvisor through MyPortal.

You may be eligible for financial aid

Stop by AC2-141 | Call 559-325-5239

Summer School Books

The bookstore is currently transitioning to a new management/operations and all summer school books will be sent back to publishers beginning June 28.

Please purchase your summer school books for all sessions ASAP.
Thank you for your understanding.

Bookstore hours

Summer School Hours

Summer Hours

An updated list of summer school hours.