SARS Connect Program (Early Alert)

What is SARS Connect?

Clovis Community College’s SARS Connect Program is designed to promote student success through communication between students, instructors, and counselors. This system allows students to receive feedback from their instructor(s) regarding their academic progress and to refer them to support services available to help them be successful in their coursework.


Helping students to succeed in college and achieve their educational goals is the mission of the Clovis Community College Counseling Department.


The Clovis Community College Counseling Department strives to:

  • Help students complete the courses they are now taking
  • Help students persist in their course of study over time
  • Help students who wish to continue their education beyond Clovis Community College to transfer to four-year schools
  • Provide appropriate services to assist students in completing their educational goals (DSP&S, counseling, tutorial services, probation advising, and guidance studies courses)

What should students do?

Meet with a counselor and their instructor to discuss their referral.

REMEMBER…Students are NOT “in trouble” when they are referred, counselors are available to provide students with resources and support.

SARS Connect Referral Process

  1. A referral is made by an instructor
  2. Referral notification is received by Student and Counseling Department
  3. Counselor contacts student
  4. Counselor provides students with resources and support

Students will receive an email notification of their referral and once the referral is received a counselor will contact the student to provide them with additional support.

For more information or assistance please contact:
Nancy Chavero
Academic Counselor
Student Services Office, AC2-133