Psychological Services


Psychological Services at Clovis Community College is committed to enhancing and supporting the intellectual and personal growth of our students. We strive to help students increase their awareness, knowledge, and resources to successfully overcome barriers to academic achievement and to obtain positive Mental Health and Wellness. We work in collaboration to meet the challenge of behavioral change, identity development, and maintenance of meaningful relationships. We hold true to principals of multicultural competence and non-discriminatory practices.

Hours and Location

Location: AC2-278B

In order to access complementary campus Psychological Services, you must complete a Request for Psychological Services form available in the Health Services Office:
AC2-274 West | 559-325-5318

Psychological Services Office Hours may vary*, but are typically:

Clovis Campus:

Hours of operation fall and spring semesters:
Monday - Wednesday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Thursday: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Friday: 8:00 am- 5:00 pm

 *For the most up-to-date information on Psychological Services office hours/availability, please contact the Health Services Office at 559-325-5318.

Psychological Services Phone: 559-325-5377

Clinical Services


Psychological Services are a complementary service offered to all enrolled students. Typically, students who pursue using these services are allowed a maximum of six sessions for those who have not used psychological services in the past and two to four sessions each subsequent semester that they remain enrolled.

Individual Therapy

Clinical services at Clovis Community College are designed to best help students clarify and resolve their concerns while increasing their sense of well-being. Individual counseling sessions are forty-five to fifty minutes long. If an individual clinician determines that more intensive or extensive treatment is required, a referral for additional services outside of Psychological Services may be provided. Students with private insurance are referred to appropriate providers. Due to the heavy demand for clinical services at CCC, therapy is restricted to a short-term model consisting of four to six sessions for students who have not used psychological services in the past and two to four sessions each subsequent semester that they remain enrolled .

Group Therapy

Psychological Services provides students with the opportunity to work with others sharing common concerns in a group counseling format. Groups usually meet weekly for approximately 75 minutes of group processing.


Upon walking into Psychological Services, students interested in therapy will receive a form entitled “Request for Psychological Services.” This form is to be completed and returned to psychological services, or health services if the clinician is unavailable. Students should not expect to be provided therapy upon walk in, but may learn the approximate date of their initial appointment.

Crisis Sessions

Our psychological interns are members of the campus crisis team. When activated, their primary role is to assess the individual in crisis for suicidality, homicidality, and/or grave disability. In the event that a student is a threat to self or others, that student may be recommended for a 5150 assessment off campus.

Intake Policies

Intake Process

Upon intake, clients are informed of policies held here at Psychological Services as well as their rights as a client, the limits of confidentiality, and other information pertinent to clinical settings.

Waiting List

Psychological Services strives to be as responsive to the needs of Clovis Community College students as possible. However, due to our growing student population, our clinical team is sometimes unable to treat all interested students immediately. Psychological Services uses a waiting list in which students’ “Request for Psychological Services” forms are chronologically ordered. Students should expect the clinical team to offer them an approximate date in which therapy will begin.