Library Newsletter - February 2019

Our New Printing System is Cardless!

No more worrying about bent, forgotten, or lost cards.

It’s simple - just use your student ID# and canvas/email password to log in. First, print from a library computer or your own device. Then, log in to access your print job at either printer. If printing in color, log in at the copier.

To find out how to print from your own laptop, smart phone, and tablet - stop by the library for a handout with directions or use the PaperCut link.

The library has a new terminal that lets you add money to your account with coins and bills. If you have an old print card, we can transfer the remaining balance over to the new system.

Mobile Devices

Black History Month

"We are lucky to celebrate the contributions of African Americans that have shaped the America we know and love today. Many of these individuals have been forgotten in history, but their contributions are a part of our daily lives. It makes it impossible to truly appreciate America if you don't know the people that have left and continue to leave a stamp on the fabric of American history." Janay Saunders – BSU President

Black History Month

Come see the special Black History displays at the library. Each week the Black Student Union (BSU) will create a new display in the case outside the library highlighting renowned individuals from different fields.  It will also feature a weekly trivia quiz on a historical figure. Inside the library, we will have a collection of books from that week’s topic that you can check out.

New in the Library


Mandela: His Essential Life
by Peter Hain

The only short and accessible book that chronicles the entire life and legacy of one of the twentieth century's most influential and admired statesmen.

Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom
by David W. Blight

Blight’s biography of Douglass chronicles an unapologetic “prophet of freedom” and “sacred radical”. The eloquent voice of this historical figure has never been more relevant.

The New Negro

The New Negro
by Jeffrey C. Stewart

An in-depth study of Alain Locke’s life, his extensive world travels, his long professional teaching career at Howard University, and his personal life as a closeted homosexual.

The Great Uprising

The Great Uprising
by Peter B. Levy

By examining three specific riots of the 1960s, Levy provides a new framework for understanding why they took place and offers a rich description of their impact on millions of ordinary Americans.

Well-Read Black Girl

Well-read Black Girl
by Glory Edim

A vital anthology of personal essays by 21 black women writers who share memories about their girlhoods and early reading experiences and reflect on why they write and which author has influenced them most.


by George Yancy

Yancy deconstructs racism in a powerful way with a thought-provoking dialogue of its impact on America. He also deepens our understanding by sharing his personal experience.

Taking the Arrow Out of the Heart

Taking the Arrow Out of the Heart
by Alice Walker

Voicing outrage and leaning into hope, Walker’s free-verse poems address poignant life experiences, self-assessment, and vulnerability while also reflecting our troubling times.

Let Us Make Men

Let Us Make Men
by D’Weston Haywood

Haywood argues that African Americans’ ideas, rhetoric, and protest strategies for racial advancement grew out of the quest for manhood led by the twentieth-century African American press.

Race News

Race News
by Fred Carroll

A riveting story of the political and professional evolution of the African American press and the challenging search for journalistic identity in a critical moment in history.