Library Newsletter - March 2018

Super Librarians to the Rescue

Photo of CCC librarians

Your CCC librarians are research experts. They can help you find the credible resources you need. A librarian is available for research and citation assistance any hour of the day:

  • Drop in to meet with a librarian in person whenever the library is open
  • Book a librarian for an extended private session
  • Ask a librarian online 24/7 for real time assistance
  • Email or call the CCC librarians at 325-5215

Spotlight on Hot Topics Resources

Check out these databases for information on contemporary and social issues:

Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Provides journal, magazine, and newspaper articles as well as viewpoint essays, topic overviews, and recommended web sites focusing on social issues.

Global Issues in Context

Offers international viewpoints on global issues. Provides sources for analysis of social, political, science, economic, environmental, health, and cultural issues.

SIRS Researcher

SIRS Researcher

Provides full-text articles from magazines and newspapers on current and enduring topics especially suited for students new to research.

Stay Focused

Are you feeling tired, a bit stressed, and overwhelmed with study demands as midterms approach?

The library has a selection of resources that can help you. Books and DVDs are on display that teach you mindfulness practices, how to cope with stress, and techniques to improve your study skills.

Check one out today; all you need is your student id number.

Students meditating

New in the Library

Reserve U Thrive by Daniel Lerner and Alan Schlechter, MD

U Thrive
by Daniel Lerner and Alan Schlechter, MD

A fun, comprehensive guide to surviving and thriving in college and beyond.

reserve When by Daniel H. Pink

by Daniel H. Pink

Pink distills new research and data on timing and synthesizes them into compelling insights into how we can live richer, more engaged lives.

Reserve Technically Wrong by Sara Wachter-Boettcher

Technically Wrong
by Sara Wachter-Boettcher

A revealing look at sexist apps, biased algorithms, and other threats of toxic tech that harm us all.

Reserve Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach
by Jennifer Egan

Set during World War II, a young girl becomes the first female diver on the Brooklyn docks where mobsters rule.

Reserve Secrets of the Human Body

Secrets of the Human Body
by Chris van Tulleken, Xand van Tulleken & Andrew Cohen

A tantalizing glimpse beneath our skin and the secrets that make every ordinary human body extraordinary.

Reserve Nasty Women

Nasty Women
edited by Samhita Mukhopadhyay & Kate Harding

Filled with inspiring essays from women writers who seek to provide a broad look at feminism, resistance, and revolution in Trump's America.

Reserve Firecrackers

by Fiona Rogers & Max Houghton

A celebration of some of the most inquisitive, stylish, and daring contemporary female photographers.

Reserve WTF

by Tim O’Reilly

Both a business strategy guide and a call to action, O'Reilly explores the upside and the potential downsides of today's technologies.

Reserve Cave Temples of Dunhuang

All the Way to Havana
by Margarita Engle

A boy helps his father keep their very old car running as they make a trip to Havana for his newborn cousin's zero-year birthday.