Library Newsletter - October 2021

Research Guides

Did you know the library creates online Research Guides designed to instruct you in finding, using, and evaluating credible academic resources? Included in these guides are links to relevant books, websites, and databases as well as tips for research. CCC Library Research Guides bring together all types of information about specific topics like Hispanic Heritage Month. They also highlight online tools that are relevant to particular subjects such as Geology or Communications. 

bat reading

Reserve Textbook Scans

Our Reserve Textbook Scanning Program provides access to reserve textbooks and reference materials for students who can't come to the library. Check OneSearch or give us a call to see if we have the book you need, then fill out a scan request form online.

zombie scans

Students must be registered in a minimum of one CCC course and are limited to requesting two chapters from any book per semester. After the request is processed, a link to the scanned text will be sent by email and will expire at the end of the semester.

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Discover a new joy this autumn and fall into your next great read. OverDrive is a digital audiobook and ebook collection of popular fiction (The Outsider by Stephen King), non-fiction (American Sherlock by Kate Winkler Dawson) , and course-related books (The Midnight Library by Matt Haig). You can read or listen to books using your browser or the Libby app.


New in the Library

You will need to log in using your single sign-on to access OverDrive items.

king of crows

The King of Crows

by Libba Bray

In the finale to the Diviners quartet, the Diviners are scattered to the wind, and a foul wind it is. A gripping, unsettling read that peels back the shiny surface of the American Dream.



Amoralman: A True Story and Other Lies

by Derek DelGaudio

This memoir is sparked by writings DelGaudio found written in his childhood journals. The truths unveiled are startling, unsettling, and strangely inspiring.

if it bleeds

If It Bleeds

by Stephen King

By showcasing evil and revisiting enduring themes, this chilling quartet of new novellas reminds fans of horror why Stephen is the King of storytelling.

most remarkable creature

A Most Remarkable Creature: The Hidden Life and Epic Journey of the World’s Smartest Birds of Prey

by Jonathan Meiburg

Amateur naturalist Meiburg explores the threatened striated caracara - a smart, curious, and social bird that has entranced scientists for years.

its so quiet

It’s So Quiet: A Not-Quite-Going-to-Bed Book

by Sherri Duskey Rinker  
Illustrated by Tony Fucile

A silly, noisy bedtime book that will have readers squealing, croaking, and laughing along before settling down for a quiet night's sleep.

reason for the darkness

The Reason for the Darkness of the Night: Edgar Allan Poe and the Forging of American Science

by John Tresch

This innovative biography of Edgar Allan Poe (whose life is synonymous with mystery and imagination) highlights his fascination and feuds with science.


breath taking

Breath Taking: The Power, Fragility, and Future of Our Extraordinary Lungs

by Michael J. Stephen

From an expert in pulmonary medicine, the story of our extraordinary lungs, the organ that both explains our origins and holds the keys to our future as a species.


Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth

by Avi Loeb

Loeb challenges readers to think critically about what's out there with a mind-bending journey through the furthest reaches of science, space-time, and the human imagination.

cloud cuckoo land

Cloud Cuckoo Land

by Anthony Doerr

An ancient text provides solace and a profound human connection for characters in peril in three settings: Constantinople in 1453, today in a library in Idaho, and on a spaceship decades from now.