How to Access Academic Accommodations

*Accommodations are also known as ‘academic adjustments and auxiliary aids’

Must be done each semester
  1. Ensure you are an active DSP&S student. You can contact the DSP&S office at 559-325-5050 to determine your status.
  2. It is advised that you meet with your DSP&S counselor once a semester to review your approved accommodations on your Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP).
  3. It is important to discuss how your accommodations can work for you in your classes so you can be successful.
  4. Login to your DSP&S AIM portal and customize your accommodations for each course. Accessible Information Management (AIM)
  5. Once you have requested your accommodations via AIM DSP&S will email your Faculty Notification Letter (FNL) to the course instructor for the active semester.
  6. Work with the DSP&S staff and your instructors to coordinate your accommodations. Feel free to make as many appointments as needed with DSP&S staff to learn how to utilize your accommodations.
  7. DSP&S encourages you to meet with your instructors during a private office hour to talk about academic accommodations. If you need assistance, your DPS&S counselor can act as a liaison.
  8. Reach out to DSP&S with any questions related to your academic accommodations.
  9. Notify your DSP&S counselor immediately if reasonable accommodations are not implemented in an effective or timely manner.

ASL Interpretation on How to Access Academic Accommodations