How to apply for the DSP&S Program

How to Apply

Before applying for the DSP&S Program you must complete the application process, outlined below, and become a student at Clovis Community College.

Complete the following steps as part of the college matriculation process: 

  1. Apply to Clovis Community College.
  2. Speak to a Clovis Community College Counselor for  Assessment.
  3. Complete the Clovis Community College Online Orientation.

Application Process for DSP&S Program

Clovis Community College students interested in receiving services from the Disabled Students Programs and Services should follow the following steps:

  1. If you are a registered CCC student sign into My Portal.
  2. Navigate to the apps catalog tab and select it. There are many apps that can be set to your dashboard. Find the one labeled “DSPS AIM Portal”, click the 3 lines on the top right corner and choose the option “add to my favorites”. Next time you log in, the DSPS AIM Portal will be on your Dashboard and easier to access.
  3. Click on the DSPS AIM Portal and complete the AIM Student Application as instructed.  It will require you to upload disability documentation. Download the medical and mental health verification form. This can be filled out by a licensed professional (i.e., a medical doctor, licensed psychologist, etc).
  4. At the bottom of the application, type in your full name and then click "Submit Application"
  5. The next screen is where you can upload your disability verification documentation:
  6. If you encounter issues or have questions while uploading your documentation to AIM, please feel free to email and attach the pdf version of any relevant documents you wish to upload online.


In approximately 1-2 business days, DSPS staff will contact you regarding your application.


If you need assistance in completing the AIM application in person, please feel free to contact the DSPS office at (559) 325-5050.

ASL Interpretation on How to Apply for the DSPS Program