Pharmacy Priority Admission Agreement

Clovis Community College (CCC) has partnered with California Health Sciences University (CHSU) to provide a priority admission agreement for twenty highly-qualified Clovis Community College students each academic year who are interested in the Doctorate of Pharmacy program at CHSU. Upon successfully completing the prerequisites and receiving their bachelor’s degree from another college or university these eligible students will be granted priority admission in the CHSU Doctor of Pharmacy program.

Pharmacy Priority Admission Agreement Eligibility:

A student who...

  • is a first-time college student. (Individuals who have previously completed Bachelor’s degrees are ineligible for this agreement)
  • is a currently enrolled student at Clovis Community College
  • has completed 30 transferable semester units (including Unitrak and AP credit; with exception of AP Biology)
  • has completed English 1A
  • has earned a minimum GPA of 3.0 in all CHSU prerequisite coursework completed at the time of signing
  • has completed a Student Educational Plan (SEP) with a CCC counselor identifying 8 of the 13 prerequisite courses to be taken exclusively at CCC
  • has completed at least 5 of the identified CHSU prerequisite courses

…is eligible to sign the Priority Admission Agreement with Clovis Community College.

CHSU Prerequisites courses for Doctorate of Pharmacy

  • Chemistry 1A
  • Chemistry 1B
  • Chemistry 28A, Chemistry 29A (Lab) – Organic Chemistry
  • Chemistry 28B, Chemistry 29B (Lab) –Organic Chemistry
  • Biology 11A – General Biology
  • Biology 11B – General Biology
  • Biology 31- Microbiology
  • Biology 22 – Physiology
  • Biology 20 – Anatomy
  • Psychology 2/2H – General Psychology
  • Economics 1A or 1B – Macro/Micro Economics
  • Math 5A – Calculus
  • Communications 1/1H – Public Speaking

For more information schedule an appointment with a CCC counselor.  For more information on the Pharmacy Priority Admission Agreement, call the Clovis Community College counseling office at (559) 325-5230.