First Year Experience Program (FYE)

The FYE Program was designed especially for YOU- the first time college student, to assist in your transition from high school to the campus community. Starting college can be a confusing and stressful time. FYE will assist and support you during your first semester and beyond!

Students will enroll in Counseling 53, "College and Life Management." The class is three units. The class is taught by a CCC academic counselor, providing students personalized support.

The FYE Program is available to all students.

Students typically enroll in the FYE Program during their first semester at Clovis Community College.

Benefits of the program

  • The Counseling 53 class counts in Area E for CSU general education. This means three (3) transferable units! Counseling 53 also counts as elective credit to the UC system.
  • Dedicated faculty, working together to provide a supportive, encouraging environment.
  • Your own counselor! During peak times, the counseling office will be very busy. You could wait 30 minutes or longer to see a counselor. Being a part of the First Year Experience Program allows you class time with a counselor twice a week! (No waiting, so bring your questions to class!)
  • The skills you learn in the FYE Program will help with your overall success in college and life!
  • As an FYE student, you will receive specialized services and programs not available to the general student population, including presentations from financial aid and library services.
  • Research shows that students enrolled in a FYE program are more successful than students who are not enrolled in linked classes.
  • A free trip to visit a California University is offered each fall semester. This includes traveling in style on a chartered bus AND FREE lunch at the dorms!

Below is the list of the eight sections being offered for fall 2017. To register, log into Webadvisor and select one of the section

Section Class Day / Time Room
81543 Coun 53 MW 9:00-10:15 AC2-176
81576 Coun 53 MW 11:00-12:15 AC2-176
81579 Coun 53 MW 1:00-2:15 AC2-176
81580 Coun 53 MW 3:00-4:15 AC2-176
81544 Coun 53 T/Th 9:00-10:15 AC2-176
81577 Coun 53 T/Th 11:00-12:15 AC2-176
81575 Coun 53 T/Th 1:00-2:15 AC2-176
81578 Coun 53 T/Th 3:00-4:15 AC2-176

Course Description

Counseling 53:

This course is designed for first-year college students. It will prepare students for college life and academic success. Topics will include personal growth and development, academic goal development, campus resources, student success strategies, diversity and cultural awareness, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. ADVISORIES: Eligibility for English 125, 126, and Mathematics 201. (A, CSU)


For further information on the FYE Program, please contact:
Carla Stoner-Brito, Counselor or
Ann Brandon, Reading Faculty Instructor,

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