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2024 President's Medal of Distinction

The President's Medal is given to a student who has demonstrated leadership at the college, given back to the college or community, and still maintained high academic achievement during their time at Clovis Community College.

2024 President's Medalist Stephanie Gomez
Stephanie Gomez

Stephanie Gomez

Stephanie's leadership, academic excellence, dedication, commitment to peers, and her journey of overcoming obstacles to pursue education has earned her the honor of being selected as this year's recipient of the President's Medal of Distinction. Stephanie is graduating with a multiple degrees in Sociology, Social Science, and Liberal Arts. These degrees are not only a testament to her academic achievements, but to her passion to help others overcome obstacles that she faced at a very young age. Stephanie came from a broken home and was victim of human trafficking, childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence, and adult homelessness. However, Stephanie is no longer a victim of her past. She has learned that the past doesn’t define who you are or your future. She has grown from battered and abused, addicted and ashamed, to a woman who values her worth and believes in a God who loves and redeems. She is proud to share that she has been sober and free of trafficking for 10 years. Stephanie is a survivor!

Despite juggling multiple roles as a wife, mother, student, and employee, Stephanie's academic achievements are nothing short of remarkable. Maintaining a GPA of 3.92 and consistently making the Dean's List, Stephanie exemplifies resilience and determination in the face of adversity. Her commitment to academic success is evident in her planning and dedication to her studies, even amidst family responsibilities and personal challenges.

Although her studies are important to Stephanie, she also dedicates time to improving the lives of others and actively serves her college community in a number of ways. As Vice President of DAPI (Delta Alpha Pi International Honors Society), an organization recognizing academic achievements among students with disabilities, Stephanie has coordinated efforts to help those in need. On campus, she has organized a diaper collection for Breaking the Chains and a toy and hygiene drive for the Marjaree Mason Center. Last semester, she held the office of Treasurer for DAPI.

Additionally, Stephanie has worked at the Clovis Community College Welcome Center as a Student Ambassador where, as a returning student, Stephanie’s empathy and understanding resonate with fellow adult learners. She shares her personal story to inspire and motivate others at adult schools, fostering a sense of community and support among students facing similar challenges. She addresses those challenges (such as financial constraints, scheduling conflicts, housing issues, tutorial needs, etc.) by outlining how Clovis Community College can provide support to overcome them. She also serves as a liaison for Soroptimist International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering women and girls through education and training.

Stephanie aims to transfer to Fresno Pacific University to study with a Christian point of view while obtaining a bachelor’s degree, then a master’s degree, and finally a Ph.D. in Social Work. She feels that becoming a social worker will be the perfect position to help somebody transform their life. In her words, “If I can help someone who feels trapped and victimized to feeling empowered and free, then I will have accomplished something beautiful.” 

Dean's Medal of Distinction Awardees

The Dean's Medal of Distinction is given to one graduating student from each division who has distinguished themselves by their perseverance, the quality of their work, and their positive impact on the campus.

2024 Deans Medalist Shane Armstrong
Sergeant Shane Armstrong

Sergeant Shane Armstrong
Student Services, Counseling, Admissions & Records, Financial Aid

Shane Armstrong is a United States Army Veteran and is graduating with an Associate for Transfer in Sociology, an Associate of Arts in Social Science, and a CSUGE Certificate. Shane will graduate with a 3.93 GPA and transfer to CSU Fresno in the Fall. She has been on the Dean’s list every semester since starting college and has discovered her passion for advocating and helping other Veterans.

Shane served our country for 9 years, as an army medic, achieving the rank of Sergeant. While in the service, Shane had deployments to Kuwait, Jordan, and Korea and supported operations in Iraq and Syria.

Shane is a fixture on our campus and Natalie Minas, Veterans Services Specialist, says, “Shane is the heart of the Veterans Resource Center (VRC). She is always encouraging others and has created an atmosphere of belonging, support, and fun.” This past March, she was instrumental in planning an event honoring our women Veterans. In addition to the VRC Shane is also part of EOP&S, TRiO, DSP&S, and AASI (African American Success Initiative).

Shane was nominated by her counselor, Kelly Tabay, who had this to say about her:

“Shane is an all-around amazing person. She is, first and foremost, a single mother of a wonderful little boy. After her service she has returned home to finish her education and give back to the community. Shane treats everyone with respect and kindness, and her welcoming attitude has helped to make the VRC home for many other Vets on campus. She always follows through, never takes the easy road and will do anything for her son.”

We are so proud to count Shane among our Crush graduates. She is an outstanding example of grit, determination, and kindness.


2024 Deans Medalist David Baize
David Baize

David Baize
Physical and Computational Sciences and Distance Education

Returning to school in 2021 was no small feat for David Baize. Dropping out of high school before the age of 17 due to having Autism and missing large portions of school for numerous surgeries, he went on to have a career in construction for 30 years. After an accident caused him to be faced with the choice of going on disability or going back to school, he chose to pursue his educational goals. He enrolled at Clovis Adult School and earned his high school diploma in 2022 and at age 49, is now graduating from CCC with a 3.5 GPA, an AS-T in Geology and an Associate in Arts degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences: Natural Science. He is transferring to UC Santa Cruz to pursue a bachelor’s degree in environmental science and hopes to eventually earn a Ph.D. in Planetary Engineering.

David has been an ASG Senator, involved with several clubs, participated in programs such as TRIO, EOPS, and DSP&S, and conducted original research with a team at CCC and NASA scientists. Geology professor Dr. Michelle Selvans says:

“I have enjoyed working with David as an instructor and research advisor and CCC community member, watching his interests and skills grow, and have appreciated how willing he is to stop and help fellow students along that path at the same time.”

David would like to thank Geology professors Dr. Michelle Selvans and Dr. David Tinker, Geography professor Scott Phillips, Communications professor Nathon Wensko, ASG Advisor Maricarmen Figueroa, TRIO Counselors Kimra Garcia and Tuyet Quach, EOPS counselors Kelly Tabey and Ashley Hickey, DSP&S counselor Beth Rutledge, STEM counselor Tasha Hutchings, and the Tutorial Center.


2024 Deans Medalist Ariel Davis
Ariel Davis

Ariel Davis
Humanities and Athletics

Ariel is earning degrees in Communication and Social Science and has had a tremendous impact on this college, joining clubs, student government, and more. In her first semester, however, as an LGBTQ student with undiagnosed dyslexia and difficulties with her mental health, she struggled in the mostly online environment and was not certain how to navigate college. Under her own power, she found college resources in DSP&S, Psychological Services, EOPS, and TRIO. Through determination and perseverance, she improved her GPA, found fields of study she loved, and started making the most of her education. Once she found that foothold, she was unstoppable.

Ariel is a member of our Associated Student Government (ASG). She began as a senator, quickly became involved in committees, and was later elected as the Public Relations Coordinator. She developed the first student newspaper, Crush Culture, and has revamped CCC ASG’s social presence and increased its overall engagement. Ariel is also an essential part of the food pantry team, working both in the pantry as well as at the monthly farmer’s markets. Ariel also led the movement on campus for Psychological Services improvements. As a former recipient of these services, she knows how important they are for students, and understands how difficult it is to receive help in a timely manner due to demand.

Additionally, Ariel has been a major player on the new Speech & Debate Club team. She has been a dedicated competitor and leader, serving as travel coordinator and mentoring and supporting her fellow teammates. Ariel will be transferring as a Communication major to San Diego State in the Fall! Congratulations Ariel!


2024 Deans Medalist Sabrina Gonzales
Sabrina Gonzales

Sabrina Gonzales
Social Sciences

Sabrina is a student who exemplifies determination, passion, and perseverance. Sabrina is graduating from Clovis Community College with two degrees, Business Administration and Social Sciences. Completing her programs was no easy task. She is a single mother on cash aid, and she had another child recently as well. Sabrina’s children are ages 9, 3 and 4 months. Sabrina is such an amazing example of a student who can turn her life around through community college. She came to State Center Community College District right after high school and failed out of two semesters. She then stopped going to school, had children and came back with a new goal: to provide for her family. She will graduate from Clovis with over a 3.3 GPA, and she is doing all of it with limited time since she has to balance her duties as a mother while going to school. She has a wonderful attitude and is such a hard worker.

Sabrina plans to attend Fresno State in the Fall, where she will be pursuing her bachelor’s degree in accounting. She aims to one day obtain her Certified Public Accountant licenses. Sabrina hopes that other moms, particularly single moms, will also complete their degrees. Her message to others is “Don’t let anything hold you back.” And, also wants to remind folks, “Be your own motivator”.


2024 Deans Medalist Amanda Vadeboncoeur
2024 Deans Medalist, Amanda Vadeboncoeur

Amanda Vadeboncoeur
Natural and Health Sciences

Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Amanda often referred to this verse throughout her educational journey at Clovis Community College as she relies heavily on her Faith in Jesus. Amanda took on the challenge of being a full-time student, a full-time employee of Community Medical Centers, and a full-time single mom. Between work and school few hours were left to spend quality time with her daughter and that time was and is precious.

Amanda’s faith kept her moving forward when she felt she had nothing left to give. Some days Amanda was left wondering if she would make it to the next paycheck with little food at home, but God was always there providing guidance. Amanda prayed often that if she was not on the right track God would show her, but if she was, allow her to do well and prosper. Amanda’s parents stepped in to help care for her daughter while she was completing her studies. Amanda’s friend Madolyn was a stable rock in the thick of it as they navigated the sciences together.

Throughout her academic career, Amanda has demonstrated exceptional dedication, passion, and proficiency in the field of biology. Her commitment to excellence is evident in her consistently high grades, active participation in class discussions, and her eagerness to delve into complex scientific concepts and hands-on lab experiments.

Amanda has dreams of becoming a Registered Nurse and will be pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nursing upon graduation. Amanda's combination of academic excellence, leadership skills, and genuine compassion make her an ideal recipient of the Dean's Medal of Distinction for the Natural & Health Sciences Division.


2024 Deans Medalist Ziyue Sue Xue
2024 Deans Medalist, Ziyue "Sue" Xue

Ziyue "Sue" Xue
Student Success, Equity, Tutorial Center, and Outreach

Sue exemplifies extraordinary resilience and dedication, overcoming substantial obstacles in her pursuit of education. After moving from China to the United States in December 2015, Sue experienced challenging differences between the educational systems of the two countries. Despite moments of frustration and uncertainty, she has become proficient in English and adapted to cultural differences. She now uses her bilingual capabilities to help others, often assisting students and parents with translation needs at Clovis Community College.

Sue’s family faced ongoing financial challenges, which played a significant role in her decision to enroll at Clovis Community College. Sue willingly dedicates herself to helping to support her family, fully aware of the sacrifices her parents made for her. Recently, with her mother joining the workforce and her father working full-time, Sue has taken on additional responsibilities, including caring for her younger sister and brother. Despite the demands on her time and studies, Sue selflessly prioritizes her family's well-being, demonstrating her commitment to their collective success.

Sue maintains a 3.25 GPA, majoring in life science, and will be graduating with her associate degree in Spring 2024. She has plans to transfer to Fresno State for a bachelors Biochemistry. Her dream school is UC Davis, but due to financial restraints, she is choosing to (hopefully!) attend UC San Francisco for pharmacy school.

Sue has actively contributed to her college community as a member of the honors program and EOPS (Extended Opportunity Programs and Services) and has served as an outstanding Student Ambassador. These programs have provided Sue with invaluable support and resources, further enhancing her academic journey and personal growth.

Sue's journey is a testament to the transformative power of education and resiliency.


Class of 2024 Student Speaker, Hend Ali
Class of 2024 Student Speaker, Hend Ali

Hend Ali
Class of 2024 Student Speaker

As a Palestinian Muslim, Hend is driven by the desire to make her country proud. Amidst the challenges she has faced, she has found strength in her heritage and is determined to forge a path that inspires others to strive for excellence.

Through participation in Clovis Community College’s honors program, Hend has maintained a 4.0 GPA while pursuing a major in biology. Through her academic achievements, she hopes to demonstrate that with determination and support, anyone can overcome obstacles.

Looking forward, Hend is eager to continue her educational journey at Fresno State University, where she hopes to obtain a bachelor's degree in biology. However, her ultimate goal is to become an optometrist, using her knowledge and experience to make a positive impact on her community


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