Student Complaint Procedures

Thank you for taking steps to bring your issue to our attention. This will provide you with the guidelines needed to assist you in submitting and resolving your student appeal or complaint. Please follow the course of action outlined below, as stated in the Clovis Community College student handbook.

Student Complaint Procedures:

Any complaint concerning an alleged unauthorized or unjustified act or decision by a staff member not involving sexual harassment and/or discrimination which adversely affects the grade, status, rights, or privileges of a student is the concern of the Clovis Community College administration. See Board Policy AR 5530 or visit SCCCD Trustees Policies & Regulations to view additional policies.

A student who has a complaint may take action in the following sequence:

  • Discuss the problem with the individual involved.
  • If a mutually satisfactory understanding has not been reached at step one, please complete the attached Clovis Community College Student Appeal/Complaint Form and return it to the Office of the Deans, suite (AC2-235). The appropriate dean will review the complaint and will forward the complaint to a Department Chair when applicable. The Department Chair will review and attempt to address/resolve the complaint.
  • If the student’s concern(s) remains unresolved after step one and step two, the complaint will be forwarded to the appropriate dean for further consideration. The Dean of Instruction will review the complaint and outcomes of past steps and attempt to address/resolve the complaint.
  • If the student is not satisfied with the outcome at step three, as a final step, the student may petition the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services.
Student Complaint Procedures
Area of Instruction / Service Department Chair Contact Information
Natural & Health Sciences Jared Rutledge
Office: AC2-204
Phone: (559) 325-5395
Student Services:
- Counseling
- Interdisciplinary Studies
- Student Success
- Tutoring
Rachel Moring
Office: AC2-133
Phone: (559) 325-5221
Math & Engineering:
- Engineering
- Math
- Mechatronics
Carole Sullivan
Office: AC1-141
Phone: (559) 325-5323
Physical & Computational Sciences:
- Chemistry
- Computer Science
- Cooperative Work Experience
- Geology
- Information Systems
- Instructional Designer
- Physics
Shawn Fleming
Office: AC2-206
Phone: (559) 325-5206
English & Library Melanie Sanwo
Office: AC2-208
Phone: (559) 325-5272
Athletics & Humanities Anna Martinez
Office: AC1-182
Phone: (559) 325-5322
Social Science:
- Anthropology
- Geography
- History
- Political Science
- Psychology
Scott Phillips
Office: AC1-274
Phone: (559) 325-5396
Social Science:
- Accounting
- Business
- Criminology
- Early Childhood Education
- Economics
- Education
- Marketing
- Sociology
- Statistics
Megan Bennett
Office: AC2-274
Phone: (559) 325-5343

Individuals seeking information and/or resolution of alleged acts of discrimination are directed to contact the Dean of Students at 325-5230. We appreciate the steps you are taking to resolve this issue.