Career Resources

The Career Resource Center is here to help you with the career and major exploration process as well as gaining all the skills necessary to find a job in your chosen pathway.  You may schedule a brief, same-day appointment for a quick consultation or a longer, more in-depth appointment, by following the steps below. Note: The scheduling system will be open at the start of each day. 

Same Day Appointments

Career Counselor

Same Day Service

Schedule a brief, 30-minute, same-day appointment with a Career Counselor for:

Career Exploration Consultation and/or review of career exploration resources.

30-min with Career Counselor

Job Developer

Same day

Schedule a brief, 30-minute, same-day appointment with a Job Developer for:

  • Online job board Introduction and job search strategies
  • Resume quick review or review of resume creation tools
  • Interview practice introduction
30-min with Job Developer

60-minute Appointments

Career Counselor

A schedule calendar

To schedule a full 60-minute appointment with a Career Counselor for counseling that includes:

  • Review of personality, interests, values, and strengths assessments
  • Resources to explore careers and majors
  • Research on transfer institutions

Call the CRC at (559) 325-5398 or email the CRC at

Job Developer

A schedule calendar

To schedule a full 60-minute appointment with a Job Developer for the following:

  • Resume and cover letter development
  • Interview practice
  • Job search techniques and resources
  • Internship resources

Use the link below or call (559) 325-5398  or email us at:

60-min with Job Developer

Mission Statement

The Clovis Community College Career Resource Center exists to provide students, staff, faculty, and employers with resources for the 21st-century world of work. We equip students through a holistic model of self-assessment and career exploration and research in the world of work. We promote experiential learning and cultivate partnerships within the community for our students to apply their learning through job shadows, internships, and employment.


I received a lot of information about career exploration and feel like I’m on the right path for success in college and future careers. -AN
By utilizing the career counseling center for interview preparation, I felt better prepared and more confident on the day of my interview. From the beginning, I could tell that my career counselor truly cared for my success and wanted to provide me with the best counseling she could. She gave me extremely useful constructive criticism and she did not try to sugar-coat any of her advice. I feel that my career counselor played a critical role in the success of my interview and for that I am immensely grateful. I would highly recommend the career counseling center to any individual looking for career-related advice or interview preparation. –SB
Was a very intuitive and helpful experience, would definitely recommend other students to try career counseling and I should have done this at the beginning of college instead of later. -ES

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Career Resource Center Staff

Career Services Contacts

Name Title E-mail
Dianna Whaley, M.A. CRC Coordinator & Career Counselor
Destiney Guerrero, M.A. Career Counselor
Maddie Burrow Career Counselor
Michael Vongsa Job Developer