Academic Counseling

The Clovis Community College (CCC) Counselors provide comprehensive counseling services to assist students toward a successful college experience.

The goal of Counseling is to facilitate the process by which students choose the appropriate courses and programs of study in order to earn a degree or certificate, transfer to a four-year university, and/or complete a vocational program. Counselors assist students in the selection of courses and majors and with strategies to develop and achieve their educational goals.

Office Information

Counseling Office Location:

Clovis Community College (AC2-133)
10309 N. Willow Ave.
Fresno, CA 93730

Tel: 559-325-5230

Office Hours:

Counselors are available on a walk in basis, by appointment for specific programs and services, and online.

Monday - Thursday: 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
*Hours are subject to change without notice.

Services Offered

Make an appointment to meet with a counselor and get a Student Educational Plan: Tel: 559-325-5230
OR online at eSARS

Clovis Community College Full Time Academic Counselors

Full Time Counselor Program Lead E-mail
Colleen Brannon DSP&S
Nancy Chavero Title V Grant - Early Alert & Probation
Laura Gonzales CalWORKs, CAFYES (Next Up) / Foster Youth
Rachel Garcia High School Enrichment & Dual Enrollment
Karie Hannigan Testing Services & Athletics
Ryen Hirata Student Success/Matriculation
Brandon Huebert TRIO
Tasha Hutchings Department Chair, Transfer Services, & Honors Program
Dr. Erica Johnson Program Review / Service Unit Outcomes Coordinator, Title V Grant Coordinator, Online Counselor
Stacy McArron Articulation
Ralph Munoz Veterans
Carla Stoner-Brito FYE; SEP Campaign; Basic Skills; Counselor to Class
Kelly Tabay EOP&S, CARE
Dianna Whaley Career & Job Placement Services

Additional Information on the SEP (Student Educational Plan)

As a result of the Student Success Act of 2012, all students need to meet with an academic counselor to get a Student Educational Plan (SEP). Also, in order to maintain enrollment priorities, students must have an SEP on file. An SEP outlines a suggested course of study for the individual student based on major, transfer plan, and sequence of courses. Students are encouraged to update their SEP each semester or when a change is made to their major, transfer institution, or other pertinent objective. An SEP should be developed during the student's first semester at CCC and maintained throughout a student's enrollment at CCC.

Major Sheets

Major Sheets are a useful reference to help keep you on track with your Student Educational Plan.

Major are available for all CCC certificates and degrees, including the General Education options.

Career and Technical Education

Clovis Community College offers a wide variety of career and technical training to help students meet their educational and career goals. For more information and for help getting started on your career path, make an appointment with your counselor.

Saturday Counseling

Starting in October 2017, we will be offering counseling from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. at the Clovis Campus, on the first Saturday of every month (except when there are holidays). Students can check in at Admissions and Records to meet with a counselor. Check out the calendar for information on upcoming sessions.

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