Applying to Clovis Community College

Which of the following describes you?

Welcome to Clovis Community College! We want to make your application process as easy as possible, so we have created guidelines that walk you through the enrollment steps, depending on your student status.

Graduating High School Student

A group of high school students celebrating high school graduation

You are currently a 12th-grade senior and plan to attend Clovis Community College after graduating from high school.

Steps to Apply

Current High School Student

A group of high school students on the Clovis campus

You are a high school student looking to enroll in college courses while still taking HS classes (dual enrollment/enrichment).

Steps to Apply

Transfer / Returning Student

An African American male in the college library

You have attended a college or university after high school or received your GED (Graduate Equivalency Degree).

Steps to Apply

Adult School Student

A multi-ethnic group of adults are studying together after class. They are in a university classroom taking continuing adult education classes.

You intend to take college classes at Clovis Community College while concurrently enrolled in adult school.

Steps to Apply

First-Time Student

A diverse group of college students of varying ages

You have never taken college classes after graduation and are not currently enrolled in high school or adult school.

Steps to Apply