The outreach team aspires to be the best at facilitating college accessibility by helping students complete the application and matriculation process to Clovis Community College, State Center Community College District. We also connect students with the appropriate support programs such as DSP&S, Trio, Honors, EOP&S, and CalWorks to help students accomplish their educational dreams. In addition, our outreach efforts into the community has allowed students, parents, and guardians to be more informed about available services and programs on our campus.


We attract, recruit, engage, and support future and current students of Clovis Community College.


10309 N Willow Ave, Fresno, CA 93730
Academic Center 1 Room 170 
Phone: (559) 325-5200
Email: cccoutreach@cloviscollege.edu


  • Matriculation:
    • Application
    • Orientation
    • Advising/Assessment/Student Educational Plan (SEP)
    • Registration
  • Campus Tours
  • Connecting Students to Support Programs
  • Community Events
  • High School Relations
  • Outreach Events
  • Reg-To-Go (RTG)
  • Crush Days

Campus Tours

Visit Clovis Community College

Come and Visit the 113th California Community College campus! Please schedule a tour two weeks in advance with Isaac Reyna, our Outreach Specialist. He has trained a team of Student Ambassadors to showcase our campus and programs. He can be reached through the following ways:

Email: isaac.reyna@cloviscollege.edu
Phone: (559) 325-5357

Meet the Outreach Staff

Gurdeep Hébert: Dean of Student Success, Equity & Outreach
Office Phone: (559) 325-5378
Email: gurdeep.hebert@cloviscollege.edu

David Anthony-Navarro: Outreach Specialist
Office Phone: (559) 325-5267
Email: david.navarro@cloviscollege.edu

Isaac Reyna: Outreach Specialist
Office Phone: (559) 325-5357
Email: isaac.reyna@cloviscollege.edu

Sasha Fisher: Student Success Coach
Office Phone: (559) 325-5419
Email: sasha.fisher@cloviscollege.edu

Nate Saari: Student Success Coach
Office Phone: (559) 325-5418
Email: nate.saari@cloviscollege.edu

Jeremy Inocencio: Adjunct Counselor
Email: jeremy.inocencio@cloviscollege.edu

Emalee Aguilar: Administrative Assistant
Office Phone: (559) 325-5391
Email: emalee.aguilar@cloviscollege.edu