Student Educational Planning (SEP)

As a result of the Student Success Act of 2012, all students need to meet with an academic counselor to get a Student Educational Plan (SEP). Also, in order to maintain enrollment priorities, students must have a SEP on file. A SEP outlines a suggested course of study for the individual student based on major, transfer plan, and sequence of courses. Students are encouraged to update their SEP each semester or when a change is made to their major, transfer institution, or other pertinent objectives. A SEP should be developed during the student's first semester at CCC and maintained throughout a student's enrollment at CCC.

There are three types of SEP's:

SEP-A: (Abbreviated) The SEP-A plans are one to two semesters in length, designed to meet the immediate needs of students. SEP-A's are typically completed for Registration-To-Go students in the local area, first-time students, and students who are not fully decided on the academic goal or course of study.

SEP-C: (Comprehensive) The SEP-C plans are comprehensive, taking into account a student's interests, skills, career, and education goals, major and potential transfer institutions. The SEP-C is typically completed after a SEP-A. The SEP-C will include all requirements necessary for the major, transfer, certificate, and/or program.

SEP-U: (Updated) The SEP-U plans are any SEP-A or SEP-C plans that receive updates or modifications. The SEP-U plan is typically completed to make any modifications to a previously completed SEP. One example: If a student changes the major or transfer destination, a SEP-U would be necessary to reflect the new goal.

Do not delay! Meet with a counselor to obtain your SEP. Call 559-325-5230 or make an appointment through eSARS.