Tutorial Center

While much has changed amid coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns, one thing has’t changed - the Tutorial Center is committed to helping students. All our tutoring services have moved fully online using Zoom. We are here to help you transition into online learning as well as help with your coursework.

Tutorial Center Mission Statement

  • We enhance student learning and success by providing affordable peer tutoring in a welcoming, supportive, and challenging learning environment.
  • We provide academic assistance for all students, appropriate to their needs, goals, and abilities.
  • We help students and tutors become critical thinkers, creative problem-solvers, and life-long learners.
  • We partner with faculty, student services, and library staff to enrich classroom learning.
  • We prepare students for successful future employment by teaching emerging and relevant technology use.


We run a peer-tutoring center which means that all of our tutors are currently enrolled at a college or university and have excelled in the subjects they tutor. It is our belief that peer-tutoring offers a way for students to get help without intimidation and to engage with tutors who are acutely familiar with the students' courses and college life.

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