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Group photo of the DSP&S team
DSP&S Is designed to provide specialized services and accommodations that assist students with documented physical, psychological, and learning disabilities to reach their maximum potential while achieving their educational goals. Students with disabilities must "self-identify" and request services from DSP&S for services to be initiated.

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DSP&S Handbook

Download the Current DSP&S Student Handbook or watch the  ASL Interpretation of the DSPS Handbook.


Students who have temporary or permanent disabilities that affect academic functioning may be eligible for a variety of support services.

The following are DSP&S eligibility requirements:

  1. Students receiving services through Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSP&S) must have a qualifying condition that is verified and is determined to result in an educational limitation by appropriate DSP&S professional staff. (Title 5 Regulations, Section 56006.)
  2. Eligible disabilities include Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), deaf and hard of hearing, autism spectrum, learning disability, blind and low vision, acquired brain injury, mental health, intellectual, and physical disability and any other disabilities which limit one or more major life activities and which imposes an educational limitation (Title 5 Regulations, Section 56032-56044, 56002).
  3. Students wishing to participate in and receive DSP&S services offered through the program are required to complete an intake interview and, if necessary, additional testing to establish eligibility.
  4. All required program paperwork and disability verification forms must be completed prior to participation in programs and/or services offered by the DSP&S.

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DSP&S Contact List
Contact Name Position Title E-mail
Dr Jacquelyn Rubalcaba-Muniz DSP&S Director jacquelyn.rubalcaba@cloviscollege.edu
Colleen Brannon DSP&S Counselor/Coordinator colleen.brannon@cloviscollege.edu
Beth Rutledge Learning Disabilities Specialist elizabeth.rutledge@cloviscollege.edu
Jackie Smith DSP&S Counselor jackie.smith@cloviscollege.edu
Heather Golden Program Assistant heather.golden@cloviscollege.edu
Robert Salinas Assistive Technology Specialist robert.salinas@cloviscollege.edu
Teira Wilson DSP&S Testing Center Technician teira.wilson@cloviscollege.edu
Chong Yang Adjunct DSP&S Counselor chong.yang@cloviscollege.edu