Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSP&S)

Disabled Student Programs and Services staff

Mission Statement

The Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSP&S) office at Clovis Community College is dedicated to facilitating approved academic adjustments and auxiliary aids to students with verified disabilities. We strive to do this by building relationships between students, faculty, and staff that foster equity and inclusivity through accessibility awareness. We empower self-advocacy and independence that motivates students to pursue academic excellence.


Clovis Community College's DSP&S envisions institutional programs and activities that are inclusive, accessible, and equitable for all people with disabilities.

DSP&S Contact List
Contact Name Position Title Location E-mail
Dr. Jacquelyn Rubalcaba-Muniz DSP&S Director AC2-119 jacquelyn.rubalcaba@cloviscollege.edu
Colleen Brannon DSP&S Counselor/Coordinator AC2-133 colleen.brannon@cloviscollege.edu
Beth Rutledge Learning Disabilities Specialist AC2-175 elizabeth.rutledge@cloviscollege.edu
Jackie Smith DSP&S Counselor AC2-175 jackie.smith@cloviscollege.edu
Heather Golden Program Assistant AC2-175 heather.golden@cloviscollege.edu
Robert Salinas Assistive Technology Specialist AC2-171 robert.salinas@cloviscollege.edu
Rachel Barcelos DSP&S Testing Center Technician AC2-175 rachel.barcelos@cloviscollege.edu
Chong Yang Adjunct DSP&S Counselor AC2-175 chong.yang@cloviscollege.edu
Alt-Media CCC Alt-Media Accommodation Email AC2-171 alt-media@cloviscollege.edu
Notetaking CCC Notetaking Accommodation Email AC2-171 notetaking@cloviscollege.edu


Hours (Exception to Holidays):

Our hours are Monday through Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


For more information, please visit the DSP&S Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or contact the DSP&S office by email at dsps@cloviscollege.edu or by phone at (559) 325-5050 for more information.