Business Administration

Associate in Science Degree A student who completes this degree will be prepared to assume responsibility for an entry or mid-level managerial position in an organization. This degree provides students with a broad knowledge of modern business and management theories through a carefully structured core curriculum consisting of Degree Types in accounting, economics, management, and computer information systems. Multiple options are available including accounting, administration, entrepreneurship, general business, information systems, management, and marketing.

At the time of graduation, a student completing the Degree Types of study will be able to:

  • interpret the functions of business
  • prepare, read, analyze and communicate financial information
  • use financial information in decision-making
  • understand of the duties of a manager: planning, organizing, directing, and controlling
  • understand the fundamental legal concepts and their application to business
  • understand basic business computer applications
  • utilize written and oral communication skills
Business Administration Degrees and Certificate Programs:
Degree Type Program Description
AS-T Business Administration
AS Business Administration: Accounting
AS Business Administration: Entrepreneur
AS Business Administration: General Business
AS Business Administration: Information Systems Management
AS Business Administration: Management
CA Business Administration: Managerial Assistant
AS Business Administration: Management